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Monday Night Show, July 9th

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Updates from Monday Nights East Coast Airing at 10pm Eastern/ 9PM Central.....

And we're off...

We start with a recap of last week.

We pick at the limbo...Jeffery Crying and hugging Gene thanking them for sending Robin.

Jeffery is being a cry baby.  He is making this about him being Gay, and Andrea's beliefs.

Andrea feels like she is being attacked bewcause of her beliefs.

She is not going to change who she is.

Joy and Ashley talking about Kevin

Joy doesn't like Kevin.  He thinks she used Erika

Mike And Kevin out back talking, they think they are taking the high road.

They think they are real

Ashley comes out to yard.  Talking about the sleeping giant comment by Robin.  Ashley tells Kevin about Joy attacking his charcter.  He goes to find Joy.

Joy and Kevin Talk...

Kevin telling Joy not to result to personal attacks.  Kevin says he had to make a discission. 

Kevin says his choice on Erika was based on strategy.  Joy says its bad strategy.

Joy thinks Kevin is being a jerk.

Joy starts crying and Kevin apologizes and leaves.

We see a highlight of Gene from the live feeds, talking about when his friend died on July 2nd last year, and how if he was home he'd be with his friends right now.  He Starts to cry.

Joy goes to confront Gene.  Gene tells her about his best friend and how he died last year.

Joy making Gene feel better, and gives him a big hug.


We're back...

highlights from the 4th of July webisode.

Joy and Mike go into a room to discuss thinks Mike said

Mike feels Joy is using Gene.

Joy asks Mike why.

Mike says if she really liked Gene she would hold his hand.

Mike is upset Joy is bring race into it.

Joy says her daughter is a quarter black.

Mike says Joy is using Gene.

It blows up.

Joy and Mike get into a full shouting match.  He believes she's using Gene

Jeffery & Andrea get Enemies room.  Andrea won't sleep in a bed with another man so Jeffery get bed to herself

Kevin & Mike get the freind room


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