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I'm gonna rewatch 1 season of Survivor in August(before S25 starts) and just wanna see what are everyones fave seasons.

Fans vs Faves is easily #1, Heroes vs Villains is prob #2, though I HATED the ending of that season.
Only thing about One World I liked was the winner(and the winners edit made season more enjoyable cause person I wanted to win,was main feature of most/all episodes)

I started watching from Palau... and these are the seasons I really ENJOYED, in order of ranking.

Survivor: Fans vs. Favorites
Survivor: One World
Survivor: Cook Islands
Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains
Survivor: Guatemala
Survivor: Gabon
Survivor: Exile Island
Survivor: Palau

Guatemala and China

China and Tocantins.

I'm gonna rewatch a season, but real undecided on which one to watch.

It's between 2 right now:
Samoa(1.See Russell own everyone again lol, and 2.If you know spoilers for S25, you'll know why)
Fiji(Earl was one of my fave players,and many people from that season were average or above average,something not many seasons I can say same about)


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