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Numerous Sightings yesterday in Dubai:

Saeed Al Mualla ‏@S3eed_AlM3alla
OMG the amazing race is in ski dubai I'm ON TV
4:36 AM - 4 Jul 12 via Twitter for BlackBerry®

Saeed Al Mualla ‏@S3eed_AlM3alla
TheAmazing race were running around in Moe and I got to be on tv
7:38 AM - 4 Jul 12 via Twitter for BlackBerry®

Fiona Du Vivier ‏@fussymadam
Apparently the Amazing Race is at Ski Dubai today. I would rock at that show!
10:58 PM - 3 Jul 12 via web

From Facebook:

Its not everyday that your sitting outside of the mall of Dubai and you see the amazing race going on around you.
About 24 hours ago

and a reply to that Facebook post

I'm sitting right next to you. Thanks for pointing it out.
Yesterday at 5:36am

More from Twitter

Reshma Beeranthbail ‏@RBeeranthbail
A couple carrying backpacks followed by cameraman & orange-red envelope, it's the taping of Amazing Race! #skidubai #dubai #AmazingRace
8:52 AM - 4 Jul 12 via web

Lisa Szatsznajder ‏@ljsz1
Can someone tell me if I crashed the Amazing Race?? #dubai
10:08 PM - 4 Jul 12 via Twitter for Android

Lisa Szatsznajder ‏@ljsz1
Can anyone recognise these people from amazing race?? I've never watched an ep...but they had loads of cameras ...
10:10 PM - 4 Jul 12 via Twitter for Android

@ljsz1 had these pictures that she posted:

Just to muddy the waters further, I've seen fairly convincing sighting reports with teams and cameramen in the last 4 or 5 days from Malaysia (including a picture), Norway and Seattle. Geographically, those sightings don't fit with a route from Paris to Dubai, so I'm not including them here until we have a better idea what this race is.

I found a French news story that refers to TAR France as currently recording, so it may be TAR France. It's not conclusive evidence though.

The Google translation

The rumors spoke of Lilian Thuram but finally Alexander Delpérier who will present the new series of adventures of Direct 8! The group Canal Plus has bought the rights of the American show "The Amazing Race" for a French adaptation that is currently being recorded ...

In the American version, The Amazing Race is a rally around the world in which teams of two or four candidates are racing around the world against other teams. The team finishing first wins a million dollars.

Stick the pic up somewhere,maybe we can figure it out?
Seattle has a LOT of corporate races.

I was under the impression this French edition had some channel/station/sponsorship issues, but this could still be filming...

Good job!! :hearts:

OK, here are the other sightings.

From Seattle via Facebook on Monday, July 2nd:

Name Removed
thinks i just saw the making of the next amazing race season at Pikes place lots if camera men and teams with — with <my husband> at Pike Place Market.

From Norway a conversation via Twitter:

Chris Snekkevik ‏@csnekka
Dukka opp 4 amazing race deltakere på resturanten hvor jeg tok dagens frokost. Glad jeg ikke er kamerateam! Kameramannen så sliten ut! #lat
2:18 PM - 3 Jul 12 via Twitter for Android

Fredrik Fodnes ‏@foffeey
@csnekka hvor var de fra? Hjalp du dem eller? :)
2:21 PM - 3 Jul 12 via Twitter for iPhone

Chris Snekkevik ‏@csnekka
@foffeey satt litt for langt unna til å fange opp hvor dem var fra. Men tror jeg gjorde en god jobb som linselus i bakgrunnen.
2:35 PM - 3 Jul 12 via Twitter for Android

Google translates this as

Chris Snekkevik @ csnekka
Appeared four amazing race participants at the restaurant where I took today's breakfast. Glad I am not a camera crew! Camera man looked tired out! # lat
2:18 PM - July 3, 12 via Twitter for Android

Fredrik Fodnes @ foffeey
@ csnekka where were they from? Did you or them? :)
2:21 PM - 3 Jul 12 via Twitter for iPhone

Chris Snekkevik @ csnekka
@ foffeey put a little too far away to pick up where it was from. But I think did a good job as linselus in the background.
2:35 PM - 3 Jul 12 via Twitter for Android

And from George Town, Penang, Malaysia via Twitter:

Mark Guim ‏@markguim
Camera crew following teams of backpackers in a hurry. Filming Amazing Race?
25 June


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