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--- Quote from: hotriceguy on December 06, 2012, 02:05:07 AM ---I need some help....
i missed the episode 4 and 5 last couple weeks, so i went on the d8 website and found out that they had deleted the video. (12/5/2012)
I was so sad about that since that was only 2 USA legs that is not serve as start/finish line!!!
I wonder if any of you know where I can watch it or download it, or if someone can send the video to me.

--- End quote ---
I'm sorry, but it just doesn't seem to be available anywhere else on the internet but the Channels website.

The 8th leg of this race was in cape town in South Africa. The detour was disco (a dance) or radio (build a radio). After they go to the district 6 museum when they did
a cube puzzle with 2 streets. The crossroad of this 2 streets is a house when teams must go. Teams made also the nelson mandelay bay (67 minutes in a orphanage).
To finish, teams go to the cape of esperance and after at the pitstop, the Rhodes Memorial. It's a NEL, next time, the 9th leg and the semi final in a safari! A task
with wine and others task. The last team will be eliminated.

About the ratings, some Amazing Race Fan are frustrated in France, some teams also. According for some news, the next season will be at 75% with VIP (but we are
not sure that the second season will be). The rating are horrible, D8 think that this show will be one of the greatest of this channel and push them to really good ratings
like 1 000 000 but not at all.

They used music from the Dark Knight, The Lion King, How to Train Your Dragon, The Chronicles of Narnia: the Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, Brokeback Mountain, Casper and Chicken Run in this episode. I hope they acquired the rights.

The semi final is finish. We have the top 3!

At the start, teams go to L'aquila to a safari.

The first task is a quizz about animals (for example, how many time sleep the lion?). There are 8 questions.
After, teams go to the detour Water game/ Earth Game. For the task "Water game", team used ostrich eggs and make an hole. They empty the eggs and fill him with water. They must fill a recipe to have their next clue. For the task "Earth game", teams must destroy 5 pottery using an object. One of the pottery is black, if a team destroy him, they will have a 10 minute penalty.

The next destination is the U-Turn. A team used that.

The last task of the leg is a roadblock in a winery. A member of the team must roll a wine barrel in 200 meters.

At the end of the leg, a M/M team win and is qualified to the final. A F/F team and a M/F team are also qualified. They discovered the first task of the last leg, a roadblock. A member of the team will be close in a steel cage near a white shark.

Amazing Race is finish in France and we've got a winner. The first task is the roadblock that i mentioned at the last post. After that, teams fly to Paris and go to the "Mer de Sable" at Ermonville. They found the clue inside sand. The next task is the detour at Chantilly Castle. Teams choose between Chantilly cream or Archery. The 3 teams choose Archery but one of them want to do Chantilly cream and refused to do the task so they switch and lose some precious minutes. The last task of the race was at Abbaye of Chaali when teams must found the distance between each city visited and Paris. The finish line is the Stade de France in St Denis. Anthony & Sonja win the race with a few minutes than the 2nd team, Hadj & Yacim. The 3rd team is Alice & Stéphanie. The winner of this race win 50 000€.

For the ratings, Amazing Race got 220 000 viewers for the final episode. That's normal because it's christmas.


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