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I'm seeing quite a few sightings of some version of TAR filming in the last couple of days. I'm not sure what version it is, but the evidence best fits it being TAR France.

I'll copy in Georgiapeach's guidelines for how to post sightings here.

LIVE sightings go here!  :hearts: And ONLY live sightings please!!
Comments on the sightings can go HERE .
IMPORTANT! If you find anything posted by someone working in any capacity for the race or by production, do NOT post it here, you can cost someone their job...or worse. Let me or one of the Detectives know, and we'll see if it can be shared. Thanks!
If you are posting a tweet, please post the tweet, the tweet time, and LINK TO the twitter user name. Take a screencap if you can, tweets do disappear.
Please be kind, and don't all bury the poor unsuspecting twitterer with questions, if you see another RFFer on the job, let them handle it.
If you are posting a FB post, please quote the post, PLEASE include the time and date, but do NOT post the poster's name. Please do send me the link and name though so we can keep a full list for the Summary thread.
If you find a BLOG, please check with me please before posting, we do try to ask the bloggers for permission to use their info and may be already waiting for an answer.
If you are concerned that any info gained from any sighting, FB post or tweet may be private or confidential or just "too much too soon", feel free to PM me to ask before you post.

If you HAVE a live sighting, help us as much as you can with
WHO (be descriptive, what they look like, is it a male/female team for example, what color they are wearing is helpful)
WHAT are they doing
WHERE (as exactly as possible... street? airport gate? address? be specific!)
WHEN (what time zone?, exact time)
and any descriptions of the action! Pictures are treasured!

If you have a spoiler and prefer to share it privately, you can email Georgiapeach, her email is in her profile. Your confidentiality will be respected. You can also PM here.
And even though we all get excited, please, once we have a possible location, take the location discussion to the location thread and leave the LIVE zone free for incoming info! :ty3:
The mods get grouchy if they have to move posts.... so chatter WILL be deleted!




Hmmm...from my understanding, this is not yet a go. Looking at 2013, I think.  Put them all here, we'll figure it out!

A sighting in Paris from Facebook:

If yesterday morning, you would have told me that Hannah and I would leave our little (and I mean itty, bitty) apartment in the Latin District and then walk (with very few stops) for the next 12 hours around Paris, I would have said you were nuts, being the weary travelers that we now are. My feet were already killing me, my back hurting from lugging around luggage for a month, and I have a blister that is so huge that I have named it Lola because it seems to have taken on its own identity. However, that was exactly what ended up happening in the end. Everywhere we went, there was something to see...including a cool bridge with hundreds (thousands?) of locks bolted to it (representing love, of course!);

I ended up sitting next to two guys who were active contestants in the Amazing Race;

 I got yelled at and practically chased down by a little French man who was angry that I took a picture of his little book stand; two women (at different) times tried to scam me out of money with a ring trick, but thanks to Rick Steves and his travel books, I was already on lookout for it (and feeling quite smug not to be outwitted!);

<the rest was snipped>

Yesterday at 5:21am


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