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Thanks Howie! and Thank you peach! :hrt:

 I sorta got ticked off last monday at jeffery's comments on the edited show. It's not a place where you make decisions on political standings(prop 8) and he tried to make it all about "HIS wAY of LIFE" which  is the same as mine except I will never put down someone's religion because they think differently.

 Prior to Apollo getting  the boot Jeffery said that apollo's  logically way of voting was stupid..  and then he did what he did.  "Pot meet kettle"

I also didnt mind that Kevin played kissy face with Erica and then voted to get her out against Robin. It's a game and Joy should not have taken it personal.

See I am keeping up with it. just cant sit here for a long time to post about it. :(

Having the audience decide who the captains are is ridiculous, that cuts out any strategy within the house and tells them who is less popular in the house.  And I'm tired of all the sob stories as well, probably suits the part of the  American audience who want sentimental stories but I find it boring.


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