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I can be way off here, but it seems that ABC and the viewers don't really care about this show.

I'm not going to try to defend it, but I do feel sorry for the players (HG's) who think they are going to be the next BB HG's who lasted more than a few weeks and get another gig with reality TV.

Some of them (tGH players) have given up a lot of time with family, jobs and friends to do this and for what?

I tried to figure out what happened as far as who was voted out of limbo today, but no luck.  Probably my awful Internet/computer skills.

Good luck to all of them.  They all seem to be very nice people, but just a little bit boring.  ABC bad.  JMO

I agree.  I watched the first show and that was enough for me.  I couldn't bring myself to try another one.

Thank you Jill for all you have done! Sadly, the ratings seem to agree with you...

It's kind of a bad rerun of BB1.  There's no real drama, the constant veiwers choice BS is probably more from high school kids wanting to make adults do stupid things than anything else and with 1 show a week and limited viewing it's bleah.  It needs a good shot in the arm of something (imagines wipeout type stunts, with the crass announcers that draw pictures and rewind constantly)

I think the problem with the show, is that they made it all about the viewer control.  If you watch the  webisodes, the live feeds on Monday night, and the show on Monday night.  You see it's all centered around the the viewer's votes.  You can't build a show like that.  Anytime drama remotely shows up in the show, through a fight they only show like 5 seconds of it.  On the feeds if the cast starts getting into a heated debate (fight), the big O, will cut them off and get them onto something else.

It seems that in a effort to build a show that was different than BB they actually went too far and made a show that is so different that its actually turning people off.


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