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I think Janelle looks great after having her baby! She is still my favorite houseguest.  My home town is not far from hers. Minnesota winters make us all tough.  :hyper:

I love Janelle! She's my favorite player of all time. It burns me up that some of the HGs are ragging on her for being fake. She's the most un-fake player ... Well Ok, she did the crying routine when Howie got evicted and James brought her boxes of tissue and Will finally had to talk to her to get her to stop crying. She says she did it for drama but I never thought it was, I thought she was really that upset. For me, she's not fake but if she did do it for drama, she was one heck of an actress.  :lol:

Just thinking of Dan, he did something similar in his season so, he can be an actor too.  :lol3:

jani use to b my all time fav bb player , but she has lost a fan here she is playing a realy dirty game this year and the way she is treating ppl behind there backs is not nice at all.  blahblah

Tory!!!  :conf: :conf:

Janie has always been my favorite player EVER but this year she has changed and I'm not liking the change.  :'(

I agree, I don't know why she is acting like this now, I never really was a fan of hers, but the first week on BB14, I actually
started to appreciate her, that was as short-lived as Willie's temper.


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