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--- Quote from: TexasLady on July 21, 2012, 10:01:15 PM ---Tory!!!  :conf: :conf:

Janie has always been my favorite player EVER but this year she has changed and I'm not liking the change.  :'(

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TL  :hugs: I i was wondering what u were thinking about this season?? it is nutz......

I can't say the season is off to a slow start. or been boring!  :lol3:

I still love janelle.  She would have never turned to Booger were it not for brittany first conspiring behind her back.  Janelle was telling her everything and brittany was talking smack, about janie.  As far as her game and her talking about people..#1 that's bb, strike them, before they strike you #2 did, no one see season six?  Janie is the same person, she was not perfect then and she isn't now. 

Hey PotatosPunkGirl,

That's Janelle's strategy to get along with the HOH. In season 6, it was different from this season. Howie, Janelle and Kaysar were very close friends. Kaysar won 1 HOH. Howie won 2 HOH. I think Janelle won 2 HOH. I don't remember exactly. Janelle won her first HOH with a vengeance on Jennifer for Kaysar's second eviction. The evicted house guest Kaysar was back to the BB house with 82% of the Americans' votes and was nominated by Jennifer in the same week. That's where the famous quote, "Bye bye bitches." comes from. Overall, Jenelle should've won season 6, but Maggie played a better game than her. 

It's a shame that Brit turned against Janie,.paranoia set in for her. I don't think Janie has changed her mind one bit about Boggie. She didn't like him before and she doesn't like him now but she has to play the game as it is. Boogie was ridiculing her yesterday, saying she never plans beyond one play at a time. (paraphrasing) but he forgets that Janie plays chess extremely well.


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