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Fan favorite Janelle Pierzina returns to BIG BROTHER for the third summer. She first competed on BIG BROTHER in Season 6, when she finished in third place, but she took home “America’s Favorite Player.” She also finished in third place of season 7, BIG BROTHER: ALL-STARS. This very physical and competitive player sees returning as a mentor as a positive. According to Janelle she’s “good at keeping people together and getting people on my side… the coaching dynamic is perfect for my gameplay.” While this 32-year-old is returning as a mentor to play her own game, she hopes to make it past third place this time. Her strategy to do so: “try and keep my team together as much as possible and possibly pick up some other alliance members along the way.” You can be sure that her husband and baby girl home in Minnesota will be rooting for her this summer.

Why is this on page 2?!?! (:;) (:;) (:;)

I'm so happy she's back! I got wind of the spoilers that she was coming back, and so I watched the first episode and she's still the buxom blonde that we know and love.
Go go go Janey! :hearts: :hearts: :hearts:

Big Brother - Janelle Returns

Meet Janelle, former Houseguest from season 6, who returns as a coach this season to play her own game for her own separate prize.

The second one works. :tup:

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