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--- Quote from: bcp19 on July 18, 2012, 02:01:26 PM ---After having watch the first 2 shows and several of the BBAD, I hope this guys goes fairly soon.  You'd think he was 14 with his trying to peek into the showers when the women are in there, and he obviously has no social clue.

--- End quote ---

And the streaking episode was just awkwardly disturbing.  He looks too much like a kid and that's just ewwww-ie. 

I just fell in luv with this guys cuteness!!  :luvya: I really do hope he wins if not britney :D

He is getting so stressed out about Ashley's "date" with Frank.  This could backfire on Frank BIG TIME.

Poor Ian, he has been so stressed as it is.  He had his feet on the ground and rocking back and forth like a mad man in the hammock yesterday, Jedi training. Britney has been sitting with him and it seems  to help him stay calmer. 

Yes this was when he was rocking like crazy while the others were eating dinner. he  was cursing u a storm and running things thru his head..


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