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Ian isn't mentally disturbed!  He says it's ADHD and the constant movement is called "stimming" and it bugs his parents.  LOL

He's a wonderful guy!  So smart and sincere!  I love his sense of humor.    He's way too hard om himself tho--he covers all these things a few nights ago in the hoh with Dan..flashback or updates?  He's interesting as can be--I hope he wins--he's behind or part of most big plays!

I hope that girl he's looking for is at the finale party!  A gf would slow him down and help him see how cute and special he is in a good way!

Another Ian fan! :hearts: I totally agree with you. :)

Welcome to RFF, cyninbend! :waves:

Big Brother - The Winner of Big Brother 14

Ian's  Wikipedia stats  like he always wanted!


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