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Robin talks and its smooth.

She would rather have Robin come back. because she feels Erica has attacked her.

Where is Robin is more her friend.  She has more respect for Robin than Erica.


Erica voted to put me in limbo, Robin saved me, i want Erica out.

Holly cuts in...and says that she wants Erica out too because of that.


Thinks Robin, shoudnt be here because she only wants to be here till August 3rd. So she can go to her daughter's barmitzh.


Rambles alot but says she wants Erica back.

She feels she can be more open with Erica.

Feels Joy and Erica don't judge her.

Stephanie feels Robin is playing a character.

The HGs and debating Robin and Erica now..

They feel Robin is more of the issue.

Erica is more real.

Stephanie talking about Robin sleeping all day and taking pills to sleep.

And that sets Holly off.  Holly feels that isn't right.

Ashley and Stephanie now debating Stephanie bringing up the use of sleeping pills.
The Big O..finally cuts off the discussion.

Mike's turn...

Mike says he wants Robin back because he and her are close in age.

He says he doesnt think her lack of sleep had anything to do with her playing the game.

Joy says she beleives Robin can be more easily controlled.

"welcome to Monday in the glass house" Joy says.

Now the HGs get to see tweets from viewers.

Gene is talking about how the twitter bird changed.

Says you have to be hardcore twitter to notice a bird change.

The HGs discussing the tweets.

The HGs are asked what age they lost their virginity



Jeffery 18 for boy, 22 for girl

Gene...avoides the question still a virgin, waiting for my husband




The players ask Orery when she lost it... she ignores it. lol

The HGs get to tell there story what they would be doing if they were not in the house.

Joy would be at the park with her family.

Holly would have a BBQ and be at the beach

Ashley..talking about how she would be having a family reunion

Mike is next...would be with kids at the fireworks.  Says he would be in wagon passed out though.

Stephanie...big BBQ with family, wearing shower caps and playing Bags

Jeffery...City bound and roof parties.


I would be working.  has not had a 4th off in 12 years.


BBQ and watch three different fireworks show from top of her dad's shop.


Wants to go to another room to answer this question..

He says 4th of July was always awesome for him.  Tell last year, because last year on July 2nd his best friend died.

He would be at home with his friends sharing stories if he was there.

:( sad story


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