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Live Streams - 7/2 -7/3 Monday - Tuesday Overnight

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Live Stream updates for 7/2 - 7/3 will start here after tonight's about 11pm eastern...

I will update as long as possible, and will post videos of the live feeds tonight, sometime tomorrow.

The Big O...

Tells the viewers voting is open for who will come back..

The HGs seem to want to see Erica return.

Plug for the glass house on twitter.

The HGs are now getting their chance to say who they want to come back and why...

Holly first...

Says Hi to the viewers.

She wants Robin back, because Robin is on here team in the house.

She thinks Erica doesnt have respect for people, because of the comments she made about Jeffery


Likes Robin because she has as story for anything. 

But he wants Erica to come back because they have more in common.


I like both of them.  Robin lays it on a little thick.

She would like to have Erica back.

More personality.

Kevin next...

He thinks Robin needs to come keep him, Holly, gene and others in the house.

He thinks if Erica comes back, the otherside of the house will get rid of them one by one.


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