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Monday Night - 7/2 Show Thread

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Andrea thinks no one else can win the game after Stephanie's story.

Our two limbo HGs from last week return.

The Big O tells Apollo and Holly the viewers have voted on which one will return...

A couple of cut scenes, and then....


We're back...

Apollo and Holly await their fate....

Apollo drops... Holly will return

Erica and Jeffery and get the enemies room this week.

Erica doesn't understand the viewers methodogly in the bedroom

Gene & Mike get the friends room.

Joy thinks Gene is a sweetheart.

She admits she has gotten closer to Gene then other men in the house.

Gene feels good about a possible "Showmance" between him and her.

Gene teases Jeffery that he and joy are getting married.

Joy admitting in the "room" that she is a flirt.

The Big O will now show the HGs getting the lowest vote total this week, and thus captains for the challenge this week....

And the captains are...

Ashley and Robin

Erica says people may think Ashley is boring and that Robin is crazy.

She thinks the audience is very preceptive.


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