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Monday Night - 7/2 Show Thread

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And the HGs get to meet to meet to people from the Balachor.

They ask for advice.

Fanswers for the week... you want me to stay in the house? No

Gene...Show become part of pack.

Andrea..viewes want to see alliances and gameplay start in the game.

Erica asks Kevin where he stands...

He tells Erica he will be voting for her.

He says because he has a soft spot for her.

Erica says she is voting for Andrea, because of where is going in this game.

Kevin says he beleives with 110% certainity he believes Erica is coming back.

HGs begin voting...

Gene says he is going with his gut and his heart...

and joining Robin Limbo....

8 0f 10 votes.. Andrea and Erica are tied at 4 votes Each.



We have a tied...

Andrea and Erica having 5 votes each..

Robin must break the tie....

Robin choses Erica to join her in limbo.

Erica says a couple of you have just awaken a sleeping giant.

Robin and Erica head to limbo. to vote who should go back into the house.

Live streams updates here....,27452.0.html


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