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7/2/12 East Coast Airing Updates here...


We start with Jacob quitting

Alex not returning

Apollo and Holly to limbo.

Preview of tonights eposide.

HGs now speculating on how will come back and who will leave.

The HGs seem to think Holly has  a better chance to come back then Apollo

Kevin, mike and Robin want to form a secert alliance.

Jeffery and HGs playing "Topic Wheel"  random questions.

Stephanie, telling the tradgey of her husband dying.

She is crying, the other HGs begin crying.

Robin talking about how she was almost murdered.

Erica says with all due respect this is not about competing stories.

Robin confronts Erica in the bathroom about why she called her out.  She was trying to make Stephanie feel better.

Erica says Robin talks alot about herself

Robin starts to go off on Erica after this.

Robin and Mike talking.

Robin thinks she is going to snap on Erica.

Mike wants to help Robin get Erica out.

Mike says he will say a little pray for Robin.

Robin says make it a big one.

Mike than goes and tells Kevin she cannot be in any decision making of there alliance.

Robin is shown cleaning the house, all night, even though she is tired.


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