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CR3 contestants Revealed!

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Henry and Jeniffer


Jeniffer has been diagnosed brain tumor,and Henry still  take care of her and decided not hesitate to spend a lifetime with her​​. The constancy of love so that they become stronger, and ultimately defeated the disease. Participate in the competition is a desire to want to accomplish before they decided to have children.

only one team revealed everyday by official website

Now  they decide to  reveal only one team per day... (Confirmed)
Premiere changed to Aug 26th

WOw!! Thanks weihen!!

Janelle and Karin


They are the professional party girl, partying is their only work. These two playful girls want to participate in the China Rush at the same time, be able to frantically walk in China, experience the customs here. So cute, playful girl must be able to bring the same vitality to China Rush!


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