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Teams that became more likeable as the season went on?

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-Joey "Fitness" & Danny (Although they only went 6 legs), I thought they would be the worst performing M/M team, but that changed as they started placing in the Top 3 a few times. They can have some kind of sense of humor when they're not talking about girls  :res:

-Brendon & Rachel, I've never actually watched Big Brother, but a lot of people would  blahblah about them and so I kinda predicted them to be annoying. It wasn't the case after all.

-Justin & Jennifer, their 'fight' in Leg 2 seemed really scripted but it turns out they really do quite work well as a team.

-Jeremy & Sandy (They got like less screentime than Liz & Marie and such), but I really started to like them. They seemed to be the most 'normal' players and most needing of the money.

(Skipping TAR18, as it has teams returning.)
(Skipping TAR17, most of the teams were already likable by the beginning  :lol:)
(Skipping TAR16, didn't like that season  :res:)
(Skipping TAR15, they're all quite the same rate to me.)

-Christie & Jodi, they're truly an underrated team. They usually at the bottom... but their one win  :hearts:

(Skipping TAR13, didn't like that season  :groan:)

-Kynt & Vyxsin for SURE.

-Nathan & Jennifer, their bickering is funny and they somehow place high most of the time :lol:

-Ronald & Christina

That's all for the most recent seasons.

It took more than the season they were on, but when Rob and Amber were first on, I disliked them cause they were on everything at the time.  Now, going back and watching it again, I find I really like them.

Ron and Christina... I really disliked Ron and his way of talking down to Christina(heck, everybody), but towards teh end when he mellowed out I liked them both.

Well, there are teams that wasn't liked on the beginning and were liked in the end . Brenchel , Ron/Cristina and Jeremy/Sandy are the ones i can think about. Mark and Bopper were loved from the beginning , already

I don't think so, Declive. Look at The Amazing Race: You Decide.

For me it was Brenchel. I never liked them in Big Brother but then I started to like them when the raced.


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