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Teams that became more likeable as the season went on?

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Let's go on a quotefest! :dancer:

C-c-c-c-combo breaker.  :'(

Also, Kelly/Jon. I remember disliking them initially because he was obnoxious, but as all of teams with nice people were eliminated in quick succession, I grew to appreciate their unique sense of humor.

Joey "Fitness" and Danny
Jaymes and James
Michael and Kevin
Mona and Beth (sort of)
Kisha and Jen (sort of on UB)

I think Mona & Beth were the biggest example from this season. they were always the nice, sweet, lovely moms, but I began to like them alot around the Africa legs when I realized that they're a strong team, they don't complain, they're not annoying, and they rarely argue. Those are usually the qualities of a likeable team for me.

Fitness and Danny should OWE this thread. They are the biggest example of this.


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