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Teams that became more likeable as the season went on?

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Do you have any teams that you disliked at the start, but gradually began to like as the season progressed?

Glamazon Racer:
Interesting topic! :)

I suppose Brenchel falls into this category for me. I didn't dislike them at the beginning, I was just neutral. But by the end, they became my favourite team.

Maybe BJ & Tyler as well. I disliked them for most of the race, but I was cheering for them at the end, just because I hated Eric & Jeremy more. :lol:

I think Kynt & Vyxsin and Brian & Ericka would fall into this category too. I disliked/was neutral towards both teams at the start, but by the end of their respective races, they were my favourite teams. :hoot: :hoot:

Bill & Cathi, Jeremy & Sandy and Mark & Bopper are the ones I remember from the latest seasons.

I think Kris and Jon, Mark and Bopper, Ronald and Christina and Kynt and Vyxsin.

Brendon and Rachel
Jeremy and Sandy
Jill and Thomas
Brian and Ericka
Maria and Tiffany
Tammy and Victor
Kisha and Jen
Kelly and Christy
Ken and Tina
Charla and Mirna
Tyler and James
BJ and Tyler
Ray and Yolanda
Chip and Kim
Derek and Drew
Chris and Alex
Frank and Margarita
Rob and Brennan


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