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BB14 House: A First Look.

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A Sneak Peek Inside The BB14 House...?

Looks like we might have a space theme this year...

Special thanks to youtube user:

Today was media day and pics of the house got posted from many venues just now on twitter.

Here's one link to view 26 pics...

These are some pics leaked out.. Spicypants HOST from superpass is in  these pics along with Rachel Reilly so it makes me sure they are not photochopped :D

These could be the possible media day stuff or not. but since they are floating out there on twitter I figured I would post them

credit to Big Brother Updates and Big Brother Spoilers

more leaked photos

credit to Big Brother Updates and Big Brother Spoilers 

Mug Costanza:
Only 14 pictures on the memory wall... Interesting.


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