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A Possible Timetable Up To The BB 14 Premiere (Updated Per CBS Press Packet)


The following is a appx timetable for this Pre-season of BB, dates are subject to change, and as always take with a grain of salt as this is not from an offical CBS website.

July 1 – House guests are Sequestered

BB14 Cast is placed in a Hotel and forced to watch old season of BB. At this point they are isolated from outside news/media sources.

July 2 – House Images released

Matt Whitfield who participated in Media Day tweeted that he’s gagged about Media Day until July 2.
On June 22 Global TV’s John Powell posted that July 2 will be the date we find out about the Cast and Twist, 11 Days before the start of BB14. Shortly after it was posted this information was removed from Global’s website. Last year the House pictures were released on June 27, 11 days before the season premiere. It’s safe to say something is going down on the 2nd and it’s going to have House pics in it.

July 2-6 – “The Talk” Visit the House
Sometime during this week “The Talk” spends a day in the house. According to CBS’ Schedule The Talk will not be in the Big Brother House during the Week of June 25 this only leaves the week of July 2nd free.

July 2 Julie Chen on Letterman
*Wednesday, July 4 Julie Chen to be on “LATE SHOW with DAVID LETTERMAN”

July 3-4 – Julie Chen tours the house
Around this time the Big Brother host Julie Chen tours the house and we start to get a few hints about twists.

July 5 – Big Brother 14 Spoilers Tidal Wave

Typically the one week before Big Brother Premieres CBS releases a deluge of information regarding the show.
Superpass interviews available to Live Feed Subscribers
Official House guest bios and promo pictures from CBS
At least one twist gets known with more to be released on the premiere day
July 8 Sunday – Houseguests Move in

last year the houseguests moved in on the July 3rd which was the Sunday before the premiere.

July 12 Show Premiere’s
Show starts at 9pm ends at 10pm the live feeds will come on shortly after the show ends.

Updated as per CBS Press Packets...

*Brand new on-air spots featuring the new CBS Big Brother 14 cast will start airing on the 4th of July. We will, of course, bring you the new CBS Big Brother 14 commercials right here as soon as they are posted online.
* Big Brother 14 host Julie Chen will be on The Late Show with David Letterman at 11:35 PM ET/PT. (However this will be a repeat from May, so no info)
This is the BIG day!
* The CBS Big Brother 14 HouseGuests press release will be launched to the media at large.
* The CBS Big Brother 14 website pages will be updated with the new HouseGuests photos and bios
* CBS will post Big Brother 2012 cast announcements and info on Facebook and Twitter.

The Big Brother 14 cast will officially move into the house and begin playing the game. (Will be recorded and used for the CBS Big Brother 14 premiere episode on July 12.)
A Big Brother 14 cast “Meet the Houseguests” video news feature will be released.
The Big Brother 2012 live feed early bird special will end. This will be the last day you will be able to sign up for the full season of Big Brother 14 live feeds for a 25% discount for the entire season.
* The Talk Big Brother 14 preview show will air in the morning with Julie Chen and the rest of the ladies of The Talk playing a mini version of the game in the Big Brother 14 house.
* Big Brother 14 premieres!


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