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Monday-Watch On Your Phone For Free


Watch the first live call-in show for free on your iPhone, iPad and Android devices on Monday, July 2nd. Get a taste of what will be offered this season, Big Brother 14!

Rumor Control Free on iPhone & iPad July 2nd
Dani & Rachel will be squashing BB14 rumors

SuperPass will be kicking off the Big Brother season on Monday with our first live call in show of the season, Rumor Control with Rachel and Dani at 3pm PST/ 5pm EST. SuperPass shows are exclusively for subscribers, but for this time only we will be making the video stream available for free for iPhone and iPad users. To tune in just point your Safari browser to this SuperPass Mobile Link  - the link will not be live until Monday before the show.
Subscribers with Android devices on 3.0 and above should be able to watch on their devices as well. When the Big Brother Live Feeds start on July 12, Android users will be able to watch the feeds with older versions of Flash.
SuperPass subscribers will be able to tune in like normal on our Live Shows Page.
Check out the entire line up of original shows on SuperPass this summer.

July 2 Rumor Control in HD First Ever

For those of you who can connect at 2Mbps you will be able to watch Monday's call in show at 720p   :wohoo:

This is what you have to look forward to on July 2nd - only on SuperPass!

Time has not been released as of yet so as soon as I know I will post it.

Monday's Rumor Control free on iPhone and iPad

 the link will be live before the show and will be shut down after Rumor control is over.

If you'd like to leave feedback on the Mobile experience You can do so by PM'n  me.  Good or bad it's ok. Just as long as you dont shoot the messenger! :lol3:

MOBILE WILL NOT HAVE FLASHBACK  available at the time of this free testing and it may not be ready  for release when the live feeds start.


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