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I really liked this season. Easily the best season since HvV. Good challenges, very little repeats. Only bad thing was the bad product placement.

For me it became boring after Colton persuaded the men to go to TC when they had immunity. They all deserved to lose and they did.

I actually enjoyed NaOnka's immature behavior.  :lol:
But yeah, this wasn't the worst season for me either. Survivor Thailand is.  :lol:

It's definitely not one of the very worst.  However it splits into two parts, and the first part is far more interesting to me than the final part.  I still see the men as being by far the main stars of the show, so once they have gone we are left with the predictable ending.  Probably as predictable as the end of Tocantins.  And while Kim was the best gameplayer that was only because she was up against comically pathetic gameplayers lol, and those ridiculous people were the entertainment in a 'it's so bad that it's good' way.


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