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Or am I the only one who really enjoyed Survivor One World. True Survivor game play, nice jury, nice final three, cool challenges, nice storyline, memorable people and has it's fair share of bitchy moments (Colton and Alicia).

I think Colton getting voted off removed from the game (corrected for viewing pleasure *rolleyes*) was probably the best thing that happened to this season. This season is coming up as one of my top 3 seasons ever together with Heroes VS Villians and Fans VS Favourites.

I don't get how can this be the worst season ever as said by some fans. You mean, they prefer seasons like Nicaragua where we had to watch NaonKa's rubbish... or Tocantins and South Pacific where it was so boring and we could all die? :duno:

Mug Costanza:
No, you're not, Joab. I really liked it as well. I will say that it got very predictable towards the end (I think I declared Kim the winner when it was down to like 9 players left or something :lol:), but I enjoyed it very much.

I've kind of fallen out of regularly watching Survivor because of scheduling conflicts and not wanting to put the effort into watching it online after it aired, but this was the first season since, I think, Survivor: Guatemala where I actually watched all the episodes as they aired or online within a few days after they aired.

Basically, what I'm saying is that while it wasn't perfect by any means, it was exciting. It made me actually want to watch Survivor, which is something I hadn't done in about 6 years.

I didn't know Colton got voted out :o


--- Quote from: Дussie on June 28, 2012, 04:23:11 AM ---I didn't know Colton got voted out :o

--- End quote ---

he means "after Colton got medevaced out" :lol:


--- Quote from: Дussie on June 28, 2012, 04:23:11 AM ---I didn't know Colton got voted out :o

--- End quote ---

You don't have to be so smart alec about it. Thanks.

Anyway, I declared Kim winner... about like, after Jay got voted off. Too obvious, similar to that of Rob, but this season was more exciting, even though predictable, with Troyzan, Kat and Alicia attempting to make a stand against Kim and Chea.. kind of interesting.


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