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Episode 6 recap.

In the beginning of the leg teams had to take a underground river trip. Teams had to search for a couple of words written on the wall of a cave, take a picture of it and trade for the next clue.

Standings after extreme ride:
1st Doctors
2nd Father and Son
3rd  Natalia and Tetiana

Roadblock: teammember had to to take a ride by zip-line (800m). Along the way there were 4 boats

Also there was a man  on each boat holding a table with 3 colors on it. Teammember had to remember the colors and recreatethe consequence of colors later on the board.

If the teammember fails his/her 1st attempt, he/she has to take a ride again.

Standings after the roadblock:

1st Father and Son (3 attempts)
2nd Alexey and Olena (2 attempts)
3rd Boobs (3 attempts)

Then there was another roadblock (yeah, 2 RB back-to-back - I've never seen that)

2nd roadblock:
Teammember had to crash dozens of coconuts looking for a coconut which is red inside.

Standings after 2nd roadblock:

1st Father and Son
2nd Alexey and Olena
3rd Boobs

Then there was a finish.
Yeah, for some reason this episode  ran only for 60 minutes.

Standings at finish:

1st. Father and son

2nd Alexey and Olena

3rd Boobs

4th Ihor and Vasil

5th Doctors

6th Natalia and Tetiana

Last to arrive: M&M's. ELIMINATED

They totally copied the assembling of the tents, the task in the cave, 1st Roadblock and 2nd Roadblock (but it was presented as a Route Info) from TARP, Leg 11 in Puerto Princesa, Palawan.

So, they basically copied all the tasks that happened in this Leg.

Copying is nothing new in International versions. Many of them are made by the same production team.

But the creators of this leg broke the golden rule (Or at least it should be a golden rule): Never have a luck-based task right before an elimination Pit Stop.

Best Loser:
I'm just amazed that the doctors somehow won a leg.

Maxine Rama:
Haven't been watching. Hopefully the beauty queens or the haggresses can pull out a win. Everyone else is meh.


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