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They totally copied the assembling of the tents, the task in the cave, 1st Roadblock and 2nd Roadblock (but it was presented as a Route Info) from TARP, Leg 11 in Puerto Princesa, Palawan.

So, they basically copied all the tasks that happened in this Leg.

Copying is nothing new in International versions. Many of them are made by the same production team.

But the creators of this leg broke the golden rule (Or at least it should be a golden rule): Never have a luck-based task right before an elimination Pit Stop.

Best Loser:
I'm just amazed that the doctors somehow won a leg.

Maxine Rama:
Haven't been watching. Hopefully the beauty queens or the haggresses can pull out a win. Everyone else is meh.

Episode 7 recap.

6 teams continue their race around the world.
1st clue: go to south African republic, to the city of Port Elizabeth.
All teams were on the same flight. However this trip was challenging: teams had to spend 30 hours in planes and airports. After arrival teams had to drive themselves for more than 400 km to Lion Park.

1st to Park:
Ihor and Vasil
Constantine and Jacob

Next clue:  feed a lion or tiger.

Standings after feeding a lion:
1st Ihor and Vasil
2nd Boobs
3rd Father and son

Detour: stick or egg.

Stick: teams had to break 3 cups hanging on a rope using a special stick.

Egg: teams had to use a straw in order to fill 12 ostrich eggs with water and cover it with sand.

Standings after detour:
1st Ihor and Vasil (Stick)
2nd Boobs (Stick)
3rd Father and Son (egg)

Next clue: drive yourselves to Bloukrans bridge. (180 km away).

During the ride Boobs and Father&Son passed Sportsmen, however they moved much faster than it was allowed. Luckily police didn't notice that.

Roadblock: jump off the bridge (bungee jump).

Standings after the roadblock:
1st Father and Son
2nd Ihor and Vasil
3rd Boobs

Next clue: go to a local village and eat a head of a sheep.

Standings after the feast:
1st Boobs
2nd Father and son
3rd Ihor and Vasil

Note: Natalia and Tatiana didn't complete the roadblock and received a 4 hour penalty.

Next clue: find a local ranger and take a picture with him, then trade it for the postcard, send it to Kiev and receive the next clue.

Next clue: go to the pit-stop.
Standings at finish:

1st Ihor and Vasil

2nd Boobs (they were 1st to send the postcard but it came down to the footrace and sportsmen passed the girls and won the leg)

3rd Alexey and Olena. (they arrived at the same time as Father and Son did, but Father and Son told that Alexey and Olena deserved 3rd place because they helped Father&Son when they had troubles with their car.

4th Father and Son

5th Doctors

6th  Natalia and Tatiana. ELIMINATED.


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