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--- Quote from: getmegone on May 08, 2013, 02:37:35 AM ---
--- Quote from: GB on May 07, 2013, 07:18:57 PM ---Whoa. Why was their camera-phone picture rejected this time when it was accepted in Sri Lanka?

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This is what I found strange too. Last time there was no "You can only use your own camera" rule, but this time it was forbidden to use someone else's devices. It wasn't explained, just stated. Different legs - different rules. This actually sucks because Anna and Roman lost because of that. And M&M's lost much time too.

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I'm not happy about the sudden rule change but I'm glad Team PMS is gone. There might be a good reason for the rule change though.

The postcards (or the things teams have to photograph) are totally going to turn up as the memory task.

Maxine Rama:
Anna and Roman ;_; They were amazing. Well, mostly Anna but Roman wasn't bad too. Crazy maniac Ukrainian goddess. <333


--- Quote from: maxyrama on May 09, 2013, 11:26:13 AM ---Anna and Roman ;_; They were amazing. Well, mostly Anna but Roman wasn't bad too. Crazy maniac Ukrainian goddess. <333

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You got the crazy part right.

Episode 5 recap.

In the beginning of the episode teams had to fly to Philippines. Once there, they had to find Malvar Street and there teams were instructed to find Delores. What they needed to figure out was that "Delores" was the name of a tricycle roving the street with "DELORES" painted on the front. Once they have figured this out, they may get their next clue from the driver. (c) Wikipedia.

1st to find Delores:
Olena & Alexey

Constantine and Jacob


Roadblock: one team member needed to eat six fertilised duck embryos, a local delicacy known as balut. Once the team member finishes all six eggs, they will get their next clue (c) Wikipedia. xD 

1st after Roadblock:
Constantine & Jacob

Alexey & Olena

Natalia & Tetiana (yay, top-3, finally)

Then there was a usual task with postcard. This time teams had to take a picture of at least 1 team member and 20 locals, plus at least 4 of these locals had to wear hats, at least 1 had to have flowers in his/her hands and at least 1 of them had to hold a broom.

Many teams had some difficulties with that: they thought they didn't need 20 locals in one picture, so they made a couple of photo shots which were rejected, and much time was lost. Particularly, father and son were 1st at postcard station, but they did the task wrong, they had to come back to Malvar street (as it was almost impossible to find 20 locals near the postcard station), they took a picture of 20 locals and when they came back to station, they realized that they forgot to take a picture with a bloom, so they had to come back again. However Olena and Alexey managed to find 20 locals near the postcard station.

Standings after sending the postcard:
1st, 2nd and 3rd: Alexey & Olena, Doctors and Boobs (almost at the same time).

Detour: bottles or fish?
Bottles: teams had to search among thousands of bottles scattered around the island for the bottle containing the message with their next destination written on it (c) Wikipedia.

Fish:  teams had to count the number of fishes inside a container given to them. Once they have successfully counted the number of fishes amidst the distractions of the vendors, they will receive their next clue. (c) Wikipedia.

Standings after detour:
1st: Boobs
2nd: Ihor and Vasil (sportsmen)
3rd: Alexey and Olena. All teams picked "bottles".

After the detour teams were instructed to go to Sabang Beach by public transport (particularly - a local bus made from american jeeps).

Boobs, sportsmen and Olena & Alexey were 1st to arrive at bus station, but they decided not to wait for the next bus and rent a whole bus for themselves (each bus for one team, as they didn't arrive at the same time). According to rules, once teams rent a bus it is not more a public transport. So all there 3 teams received a 1 hour penalty.

The others teams didn't break that rule and they took a ride all by the same bus.

Standing at finish:

1st: Doctors

2nd: Father and Son

3rd: M&M's

4th: Natalia and Tetiana

5th: Boobs

6th: Sportsmen

Last to arrive: Alexey and Olena

BUT Alexey & Olena were not eliminated as it was a non-elimination double-length leg. Teams were immediately given their next clue: build a tent and spend a night there.


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