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--- Quote from: GB on May 02, 2013, 08:04:05 PM ---Getmegone, two questions please?

1. Tatiana & Natalia's photograph was rejected. Do you know why?
2. What is this Carlsberg thing we keep seeing, and why does it appear in such random locations?

--- End quote ---

1.  Chickens in cages also had to be in the picture (as well as a local wearing yellow shirt). Tatiana and Natalia forgot about that (just like I forgot to admit that in episode recap, fail).

2. Just beer ads.

Hi Peach,
I accidentally find someone posted the 1st episode/premier of TAR Ukraine on YouTube. I'm not sure if I can post the link out here, so I want to PM you the link to you but your inbox is full. PM me if you need the link. Thanks! =|

Episode 4 recap.

1st clue: Go to Singapore.

All teams were on the same flight.

After arrival teams had to go to local business and trade center. The clue was placed inside a fountain:

1st. Constantine and Jacob (father and son)
2nd Alexandr and Olena (Life partners)
3rd  Roman and Anna (PMS-team)

Then there was a detour: "fly" or "walk".
"Fly" - take a jump using that thing: (it's called "J-max"):

"Walk" - Teams had to find "Swiss hotel". The next clue was on the 73rd floor.
But using elevator was forbidden - teams had to go on foot.

After detour:
1st. Alexey and Olena (jumped)
2nd Constantine and Jacob (jumped)
3rd Ihor and Vasil (walked)

New team title was discovered. Teams said that Irina and Andrey look like M&M's.

Roadblock: Teams had to climb up the wall. Nothing special.

But it was hard. Only two teams completed the roadblock - other teams quit this challenge and received 4 hour penalty.

Standings after roadblock:
1st Constantine and Jacob (Father and son)
2nd Anna and Roman
3rd Olena and Alexey (after 4 hour penalty)

Next clue: Take a picture with a hotel

Next clue: teams had to take a ride using this things
(I have no idea how it's called in English):

Taking a ride was available at 7 a.m. only but it didn't affect the standings because time gaps were not changed:

Irina and Andrey lost their camera and wasted much time on looking for it. Anna and Roman lost their camera too (but later)

Next clue: Send the postcard (the postcard can be traded for a picture of the hotel)

Standings after sending the postcards:
1. Constantine and Jacob
2. Olena and Alexey
3rd Queens

Next clue: find the way to the finish line. The clue was printed on flyers:

Boobs formed an alliance with Ihor and Vasil.

Standings at finish:

1. Constantine and Jacob

2. Olena and Alexey

3. Boobs

4. Ihor and Vasil

5. Tetjana and Natalia

6. Doctors

7. M&M's

8. PMS-team  - ELIMINATED.

Whoa. Why was their camera-phone picture rejected this time when it was accepted in Sri Lanka?


--- Quote from: GB on May 07, 2013, 07:18:57 PM ---Whoa. Why was their camera-phone picture rejected this time when it was accepted in Sri Lanka?

--- End quote ---
This is what I found strange too. Last time there was no "You can only use your own camera" rule, but this time it was forbidden to use someone else's devices. It wasn't explained, just stated. Different legs - different rules. This actually sucks because Anna and Roman lost because of that. And M&M's lost much time too.


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