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--- Quote from: GB on April 22, 2013, 04:12:15 PM ---Hey getmegone, do you think you could possibly help keep the Wikipedia Page for TAR Ukraine up to date?

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Great idea! If some of you wiki experts want to get to work, the RFF WIKI for TAR is located here:

As you know, we are hoping to take WIKI to a whole new level!!


--- Quote from: GB on April 22, 2013, 04:12:15 PM ---Hey getmegone, do you think you could possibly help keep the Wikipedia Page for TAR Ukraine up to date?

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I don't think my english is good enough for Wikipedia xD Anyway the one who's keeping that page up to date now is doing great job
(if we are talking about this: ), and if he or she is a member of RFF, he/she just can use the recaps which will be posted here.

If you mean  RFF wiki (, then just why not to copy and paste the info from xD I would do the same thing actually instead of writing the same things by myself.

We are traveling a long way :ot: so this is the last post on this.

Wiki takes most of its spoiler info directly from US. Our WIKI is trying to do a more indepth look, relying on our own info. Night and Day.
Back to the Ukraine please~!

Episode 3 RECAP!

Leg 3 continues in Sri Lanka.

According to the 1st clue, teams had to go to the "Fort" railway station, find 2 hens in cages and go to "Kalutar" railway station with that cages, then they had to continue racing with both cages in their hands.

However the chicken shop was closed till 6 a.m, that means they all started the leg at th same time.

Alexey and Olena saw an accident with taxi-cab. The car was overturned and the driver was injured.

Despite of being on the race,  team decided to help the driver.

It was hot inside the train to Kalurar, so teams had to stand by the open doors.

Roadblock: sell 20 coconuts in order to receive the next clue.

1st at roadblock:
Tetjana and Natalia (Friends)
Constantine and Jacob (Father and Son)
Ihor and Vasil (Sportsmen)

The detour was right after the roadblock: water or cakes?
Water: "Go to Wevita Lake in Bandaragama and wash an elephant"

Cakes: Teams have to sculpt 150 cakes out of manure. (it's not dish, just this things have shape of cakes).
 Yeah, teams had to do that with bare hands.

1st at Detour:
Valeria and Bohdana (Queens). Other teams admitted that Queens sold out their coconuts because they have big boobs, and other teams don't. Mother and Daughter were frustrated after Queens finished 1st and said that life of Boobs team is easier because they are beautiful and brainless. Valeria heard that but didn't say anything - probably that means they they have brains and don't want to argue with psychos.
Ihor and Vasil (Sportsmen)
Alexandr and Vladimir (Doctors)

Mother and Daughter completed the roadblock last and chose "Water", however there was no more elephants available (for the unknown reason) so they had to go and sculpt the cakes out of manure.

The Doctor said Anna's cakes sucked, so she got mad and attacked the Doctor, but he pushed her to the pile of manure:

1st after Detour:
Andrey and Irina
Ihor and Vasil

Clue after detour: "Go to Bandaragama post office. Take a picture of you and a local wearing a yellow shirt with TAR emblem.

Trade that picture for a postcard which must be sent to Kiev"

Irina and Andrey were 1st at the post office,  but they put their postcard into the wrong mailbox. When they realized that and corrected that mistake, 2 teams passed them.
1st to send the postcard to Kiev:
Ihor and Vasil
Irina and Andrey

There was the 2nd roadblock then.  It said: "Go to Gangula temple, there you'll have to chose one of two tasks'
(sort of detour, but it was marked as "Roadblock").
The contestant had to walk over the live coals on bare feet

or lie on a bed of nails for 3 minutes

But there was a twist. After the contestant completes any task, the next clue says "The other contestant must complete the other task".

The finish was right after the 2nd roadblock.

Standings at the finish:

1. Queens

2. Ihor and Vasil (Sportsmen)

3. Alexey and Irina (Dating)

4. Constantine and Jacob (Father and Son)

5. Tenjana and Natalia (Friends)

6. Alexandr and Vladimir (Doctors)

7. Olena and Alexey (Life partners)

8. Anna and Roman (PMS team)

9. Alla and Alexandra. They have been eliminated.

Maxine Rama:
Alla/Alexandra sad torch ;_;


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