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TAR Ukraine LIVE Sightings, Spoilers, Show Discussion! Ep 5 up! **SPOILERS**

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Google Translation: «casting a new show. conquer the world with 1+1»

welcome to the TAR club, Ukraine! :hello2: :hearts: :yess: :hrt: :<3 :tup:

gotta get my vodka for the celebration. :keeta:

I very very happy.Finally tar Ukrain post casting Tar Ukrain on youtube.And hopefully Tar Ukrain post all episode on youtube.
Im Big Tar fan Fr. Thailand.Don't care subtitle.Very very thank u&welcome to. :ghug: :bigwelcome :crazy: :partie: :brb

OK, let's get ready! TAR Ukraine starts racing this weekend!

Amazing Race goes to Ukraine

NEWS BRIEF: Production starts this weekend on the Ukrainian adaptation of the travel adventure format The Amazing Race.

The series is being produced for broadcaster 1+1 by Active TV and Sisters Productions and the producer is Victoria Zabulonska. The format was created by Bertram van Munster and Elise Doganieri for CBS.

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The Amazing Race
Victoria Zabulonska
1+1, Active TV, Sisters Productions
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Here's another more detailed news story. It tells when they start and where they are leaving from. Also, they are going around the world and not just regionally like some races. Great! With all this advance information, they are being very accommodating to us TAR detectives.  :lol:

Google translation:

Rapper Fozzy leads reality quest Amazing Race on channel "1 +1"


November 25 Sister's Production starts shooting the Ukrainian adaptation of The Amazing Race format for the channel "1 +1". The press-service channel.

Leading the show is hip-hop singer Fozzy (real name - Alexander Sidorenko) with band band who already has experience working television journalist in the show "gallop on Europe-2" on ICTV.

On the day of shooting at Sophia Square participants show will go on a trip around the world.

The Amazing Race - Reality quest. The show will participate in teams consisting of two people (husband and wife, brother and sister, colleagues, parents and children, close friends, etc.). Teams go round the world trip, during which compete with each other at different stages in different countries. The participants await trial on speed, stamina, intelligence. For this victory, they must demonstrate the will and ability to play as a team.

During the race participants prevail against thousands of miles on planes, helicopters, balloons, trucks, bicycles, taxis, trains, buses, boats and more.

Recall that "1 +1" announced the purchase of this format in the summer of 2012.


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