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According to Wikipedia the cast was announced but i couldn't find an article to reference.  :)

Saw that a while ago. I get a 504 when i check the source. Anyways, here's the teams:

Vladimir/Irnia - Father Daughter
Andrew/Irene - Dating
Natalie/Tatiana - Friends
Constantine/Jacob - Father/Son, Jacob is 18
Alex/Helen - Police Investigators (probably means Detectives)
Igor/Basil - Friends/Athletes
Alla/Alexandra - Mother/Daughter
Valeria/Bohdan - Beauty Queens
Alexander/Vladimir - Physicians
Anna/Roman - Married Actors

Videos of four teams are on the show's YouTube channel, Perehony. And Anna and Roman's can be viewed on 1plus1channel.
Plus if you go to 1+1's website there are more promo vids.
I just hope copies of the show surface eventually.   :knuckles:

I just hope copies of the show surface eventually.   :knuckles:

Hopefully will be able to view it on the channel, 1+1, like the French version.

According to the Wikipedia page,, Sri Lanka is the first stop. If so, where does this fit in with our supposed Dubai and Singapore sightings?


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