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Live Feeds - Monday/Tuesday Overnight 6/25 - 6/26

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Jeffery is up next.

He loves Apollo but thinks his concept is nuts.

He is scared Holly will vote for everyone in the house to leave, because they voted for her.

Jeffery says he wants Holy gone first.  Just by a small manager

Andrea is next..

Likes both of them as people.

She thinks Holly will be easier to sawy and wnats him back.

Stephanie is next...

Talking about Holly and how she has lied or might be playing them.

Doesn't like Apollo's card concept  But she likes Apollo because he is fellow nerd.

Apollo should come back.

All HG's gathered to see what their opinion is on who should be voted out.  Jeffery now saying that Appollo should stay for a short while.  Andrea thinks that Appollo;s strategy is better so maybe keep Holly.  Steph doesn;t know if Holly is really smart but not showing it so she would rather spend more time with Appollo.

Erica is next...

She says she wants Holly back because she doens't think his stragtery is worth anything.

For entertainment sake bring Holly back.

Joy is up...

Holly v. Apollo.  Both deciteful in their own way. 

She rather have Holly because she knows she is liar.

Robin is up..

She doesn't believe Apollo is about the cards.  She beleives Apollo has alot of depth to him.

Says Holly is more transparant

Robin is willing to give Holly one more shot.

Kevin is up...

Kevin says he likes them both.  Says he will get Holly a pass because she is young and if she was playing the game with other youngens it would be better.

Mike is now up...

Mike who do I want to sit in the hot tub with.  I really can't say that because she's like a daughter to me.

Says he's kidding, and would rather have Apollo back.  Says neither is long for the game

Apollo should come back because he is more interesting.

The big O says it sounds like the house is leaning one way.

Let's see how the viewers vote.

Now the HGs find out what this weeks drink options are....

Baby bottles of Wine or Pony Keg of Beer.

The House seems to want wine lol

And the Big O tells the house they will get....

Baby bottles of wine.  They are literally baby bottles. lol

the Big O teasing the HGs that some of them whine like infants, making the baby bottles right for them lol.


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