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Live Feeds - Monday/Tuesday Overnight 6/25 - 6/26

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Live Feed Updates...will begin here after east coast airing.

As we are our short on Updaters...we will post as long as possible.  But not sure how long our coverage will go.

The Big O lets the HGs know the viewers are now watching the live streams

Random chatter

Gene is dress in suit.

THe HGs wondering if the viewers are watching llol

THey are sitting in the "living room" waiting and chatting.

The HGs tell the viewers they don't have an opioion on who returns.

The Big O tells the HGs they will get 1 minute each to tell the viewers who they believe should return from limbo and why.

Big O has down a random draw on who gets to go first.

Ashley is first.

Apollo shuffling card leaving it up to faith.  We have Holly, but we arent even sure if her name is Holly.  She says bring back neither. lol.

Gene is next..

Ladies and Gentleman of the Jury..

He says Apollo has not stratergy.  His cards put everyone in Danger of going to limbo

Holly on the hand has lied about things

Should a known liar return to the house, or someone who has no startegy


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