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Monday Night - 6/25/12 Show Thread

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The Big O...

Fanswer time

Holly gets a yes that if she went to limbo viewes vote her back in.

Stephane gets Open on personal stories

Apollo is told "Stephanie" whichs means it is ok to change strategry early

Ashley and Holly talking

Jeffery, Gene and Andera having some fun mocking what they might be saying

Erica doesn't think Gene threw threw the challenge, she votes for Holly.

Jefferey for Holly.

Gene for Holly.

Several votes we dont see

Before we go to commerical...

One vote for Erica and one vote for Holly.


Holly gets all the stones, but her own for Erica.

So it will Apollo and Holly to limbo.

Vote for Apollo or Holly to get back in the house.

The Live feeds updates will be here:,27418.0.html


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