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Monday Night - 6/25/12 Show Thread

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Live Updates From The East Coast Airing Here beginning 10pm et/ 9 pm ct....

Show time...

We start with a recap of last week..

14 players....recap

And we pick up With Alex and Jacob leaving...

The HGs are talking about how much they hate Alex.

They don't believe America will vote Alex back in.

Joy, Erica, and Gene talking

Joy hoping her mom didn't see Alex talking to her the way her did

Erica saying if Alex comes back she will not be a happy camper.

Can't stand him going after Joy

The HGs are told one of the guys who went to limbo quit.

But they are not told which one quit.

Jeffery belives Hacob quit.

The HGs are discussing how neither Alex or Jacob might come back

Joy boo hooing about the prospect of Alex coming back.  She doesn't want her mother to see how he treated her.


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