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TAR India??


What have we heard about a possible TAR India?
Plaidmoon has found some info suggesting urgent recruiting!

5 this year. WOW

What I found was a message from a woman in India. She said she had been contacted by a casting producer and that they urgently needed a young woman to be a part of a show called The Amazing Race. She invited interested women to contact her to arrange an audition.

I hadn't heard about an Indian version of TAR, so I was surprised by this. It does sound like a real request. I suppose it could be TAR Asia or China Rush, but I hadn't heard they were about to be filming.

I'm also kind of surprised that they just want a woman. I guess they have a person in mind for the show and need a partner for them, regardless of whether they know each other or not.

Best Loser:
What are the chances of it being for a clue giver, Pit Stop greeter, etc.?


--- Quote from: Best Loser on June 21, 2012, 01:05:36 PM ---What are the chances of it being for a clue giver, Pit Stop greeter, etc.?

--- End quote ---

I'd say that would be a possibility. It talked about participating in The Amazing Race rather than being on a team, so a clue giver would fit the wording. I'd think they would pick a pit stop greeter with some celebrity or cultural significance instead of randomly, so I doubt they are looking for a pit stop greeter. However, since they are asking for a young woman, I still think it's most likely they want someone fit enough to run the race. Or with enough personality to add drama to the race.   :tantrum


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