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Live Stream Thursday 6/21/12

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Joy Hi Double R I miss the outdoors, and being one with nature  and fresh air

Ori i can relate to that i miss frsh air too

 Erica is next  she says SEX a dn i feel like that  is the most honest answer

 Kevin oh you just stumped Pori\

 Apollo writing and reading and being able to create anything.

 gene i miss a 3 way tie  my motor cycle , music and my church

Kevin I miss my job , i miss going to work every day

Stephanie i miss shopping

Mike im a turkey plucker and i miss plucking turkey's and love to rub and massage them and plucking the turkeys

ORI today you will be using the walls to tag  your areas of the house, I will provide all  the materials. do not draw on my mirrors this is your chance to show them how creative you can be you can now go to my draw  to get the supplies you need

Marker  bowl

Self potrait  or ideal mate is the choices  and the FANS selected IDeal mate

Ori do you consider yourself artists?

Players no

 Ori you should become one the viewers want that


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