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Alex still in limbo

Players do not know that Jacob quit yet

we're live. Stepahine aback at her usual camaera talk.  Looks like the players got balloons

ori hello lovely world wide viewers. yest. we had quite a time with tom cruise some of your own  impersonation were spot on and others well. lets not  live in the past.

 @ nanaspaces tweets are being used now

 the viewers get to chose on the debate question.

Ori says that  the viewers chose the below tweet for the  players to talk about and she has chosen a random draw!

Ashley misses music and not being able to sing that is what she misses most

Robin I feel like hw my kids feel that they want to be able to use the rest room and take a shower by her self.

 Andrea is up  I enjoy running and  not be confined to one space. so i miss being able to go and block out eveything that is going on  in my lttle world

Holly thanks  ofr the tweet RR the thing  i miss is the sun the cali breeze the sand  tween my toes..  i take it for granted being in here

Ashely has to chance her mic batteries Ori i'm feeling strange signals

 Jeffery i miss my vinyl collection


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