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Live Stream Wednesday 6/20/12

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Erica does Samantha from Sex in the city  all the players liked that

 Viewers voted and  Erica should not quit her day job.

 Erica is a comedian

Mike is up next he starts cursing and trys   :groan: to do  Robert Dinero playing barney

Viewers say dont quit your day job

Ori the viewers now vote on who did the best job Mike Eirica OR Joy, meanwhile talk about your favorite Tom Cruise movie

viewers voted and Erica had the best of the 3

Stephanie is up next and she does  a monkey noise after her impersonation

The viewers decided NOT BAD. OMG who's voting it was aweful!

Viewers voted and joy should not quit her day job i have no clue who she was supposed to be! :lol

Jeffery goes and does Teresa Gudice of RHNJ

Lame if you ask me!

The viewers voted that he was spot on   :groan:


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