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Live Stream Wednesday 6/20/12

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Alex still in limbo

Players do not know that Jacob quit yet

Ori tells the players that Wednesday they will have a special guest coming to the house

Ori players its really nice to see your smiling faces aggain today is going to be a  lot of fun maybe we'll be able to celebrate with a cocktail or maybe 4

 robin they are still viewers and not fans?

Erica we havent earned it yet

 Ori I have a special treat for you today . the viewers got to decided  to pic between Robert Dinero or tom cruise to visit the house

The players all want Robert Dinero

There is smoke coming up  from the floor chamber

 it's a tom cruise  impersonator and a poor one  too!   :lolmao

The players are smitten. Joy is already flirting along with Erica! :lol3:

Today's challenge for the players is to do their best impression of ANYONE and the viewers have to vote lame, dont quit your day job.

Joy goes first  and gets dont quit your day job :lol3:

Erica up next


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