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Live Updates for Tuesday topic is locked?

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I was not able to post anything.  Maybe it is supposed to be locked?  Just wondering.  Thanks.


yes  Jill the thread is made for the updates for THAT day. Im still not sure if i shoulda locked down monday's thread after midnight my time and post in the tues. thread.

 you can  ALWAYS post in  the active thread for mondays thread if you wanted to  help. I never moved it to tuesday like we do for BB  since tuesday is just an hour show.

Sorry  if i got you confused. :lol:

Hi Ugot!

I guess I'm still confused.  The Tuesday live update thread is still locked, so I could not help you out this afternoon.  Maybe I'm looking at the wrong place?


Hey Jill! :waves:

I'm doing this just a bit different than what we do on the BB LIVE FEED THREADS. Simply because  the live feed is only 1 hr  each day Tues-Thurs. 

The creator of the thread or a moderator will unlock the live stream  thread for THAT DAY  close to LIVE time. 3pm EST/12pm PST . Once the stream  shuts off via ABC  then we  lock it down.

All discussions of ALL the live streams  are in one thread  ►,27356.0.html

Mondays will be the confusing day and Im still not sure how Howie wants to do it but once the thread for the LIVE taped Show ends  we LOCK IT DOWN and  go to  a MONDAY LIVE STREAM THREAD made for that  same night.

Even though the LIVE STREAM  carries over till 3am EST on Tuesdays and 12 Midnight PST  we are keeping it in ONE place and not moving to a new thread  when the clock strikes midnight EST

Hope that helps you and EVERYONE  :ghug:

If Howie  or another moderator wants to change then then we will. :tup:

Well, I guess I'll just have to give up.  I clicked on the live feeds thread at about 3:15 today when the live feed was on and the thread was still locked.  Guess it must be my computer or something. (:;)



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