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gene got it right

Holy's turn debonair or unscrupulous

Holly has to spell unscrupulous  and she gets it right

Erica I love the way we are mean to Ori and she comes back with niceness

ORI i'm good like that

Jeffery turn Opt us or audacious

Jeffery has to spell audacious

Joy gets benevolent and malevolent :duno:

Joy cant it count that i know ti was the bad guy in sleeping buaty

 Jeffery says no that want him

 Ori and there you go :lol:

Joy  got it right

 ori there are some excellent players in this house

 Kevin gets Ingenuous or disingenuous

 Kevin get disingenuous

Mike gets pragmatic and philosophical  Mike get philosophical

Mike spells out F- U @#

Ori funny

Robin gets Humorous or morose  she gets morose and gets it right

Stephanie turn guiless or guileful  she gets guioless and she gets it wrong


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