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The voice has a new name ORACLE or ORI

West Coast team lost the first challenge

Jacob and Alex were put into limbo

Jacob quit the game once in limbo

Alex is still in limbo and does not know that Jacob quit

We still have to vote on keeping Alex or not

The players were told that SOMEONE quit

Jeffery,Mike, Robin and Kevin refer to themselves as the ELDERS I think they might have an alliance

Stephanie campaigned to the viewers to NOT keep Alex if he was still in limbo

Ori is telling the players that she wants to take them back to their youth. she was good at spelling

It's the spelling word contest  again it's roll call style to be in the spelling contest they have to go in the limbo room 

Ori if you get it wrong  you will be sent to prison. Ori Just kidding..

Andrea first  repulsive or agreeable

Andrea got repulsive

Apollo righteous  and ignominious :duno:  :lol3:

Apollo wants a life line he doesnt know how to spell  he got ignominious

Ori your  incorrect

 The players call out Ori for mispronounced it

 Ori you are right I am rusty you spell it correctly Apollo

Ashley's turn: Congenial or nauseating  she  has to spell nauseating and spells A- L- E- X

 Ashley got it correct

Erica get loquacious or despondent

Erica get loquacious

Erica i dont know if there is a c or not

ORI that is correct

Gene's turn chivalrous or iniquitous  :duno: :lol:

gene hopfully the one i  know

he gets iniquitous


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