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I think it is outrageous that there are no new countries in TAR21!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What do you think????????????????????+

I don't like it, but I know it's a matter of time there will be no new countries left to visit. At least they are going to places like Moscow, Russia which has not been visited in a while, or Turkey. 

I am also disappointed that we have no new countries (that we know of)

Though I am glad we will get to re-visit Indonesia, Bangladesh, Turkey, Spain and NYC!  :hearts:

and the fact that there are no new countries makes me think WRP has something up their sleeve... even though the route is only three continents I am sure WRP have prepared some potentially awesome challenges
and it looks as though we have a great cast this season too  :yess:

I really hope there is a new country they visit.  :luvya:
But I can tolerate during if they visited was a new city
Or the same city from previous season but didn't visited after 5 season or more. :conf:

Lets hope the task, cast and editing more awesome than previous.. soo not much fans dissapointed because there are no new country

I don't really care. As long as I get to see different places, I'm happy.


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