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CBS recap for 7/17 show
« on: July 18, 2004, 12:42:39 PM »

Nomination day arrives, and Head of Household Marvin begins his deliberations. After a quick consultation with three of the Four Horsemen (not Michael), and a sit-down with Adria, Marvin calls the Nomination Ceremony to order. He makes a brief speech about how his nominations reflect the strength of the players he has nominated and begins the ceremony by removing Diane's key.

In rapid succession, we go around the table from Diane to Will to Jennifer (Nakomis) to Michael to Drew to Karen to Jase to Adria and finally to Scott, leaving Lori and Holly out in the cold. Marvin then explains how he came to his decision. To Lori he says, "Lori, I nominate you since you're the strongest player in the game." Then to Holly Marvin says, "I thought Jase was one of the strongest players in the game, and to exert the type of influence you have on him showed me something." In summation, Marvin adds, "This is a debt of respect to you as strong players, not a personal indictment." Will perhaps expresses the mood of the post-nomination ceremony best: "It does feel like a funeral."

As food supplies dwindle, nerves begin to fray. Referring to a piece of tuna that has been in the refrigerator too long, Marvin observes, "That fish smelled stronger than pee in a nursing home." But HouseGuests need not fear, for the Food Competition is here! Marvin calls the group to attention and hands them all colored bandanas. Jase, in a moment of excitement, declares, "Bandanas, the Four Horsemen, it's a message from God."

The HouseGuests emerge from the BIG BROTHER House to find the backyard turned into a barnyard. Feeling at home for the first time in weeks, Michael runs and jumps onto a hay bale, kicking his feet in the air. Marvin then explains the game. He points to two giant slingshots or catapults and then to a pile of rubber chickens. The goal of the game is to fire the rubber chickens into as many food baskets as possible in a five-minute span. Sound easy? Think again: of course, there is a catch. If any of the chickens lands in a "Bad Egg" basket, then all the food and drink the HouseGuests have secured is wiped out.

The game begins with a bang as Lori hits the Beer basket right away, and Marvin says, "You redeemed yourself there." As chickens fly, foodstuffs accumulate. One chicken lands in the Fruit and Vegetables basket, another in the Seafood. Some HouseGuests are more successful than others. Michael, for one, admits, "I don't shoot chickens for a living." The HouseGuests are looking forward to a week of getting fat and kicking back, when at the 3:45 mark disaster strikes, Will hits the Bad Egg basket, and all the food drops to the ground.

Marvin tries to rally the troops, and they manage to land a few chickens in the baskets: some Milk and Butter, a little Bacon and Sausage and some Seafood. Will, already feeling terrible, is not helped by Marvin warning, "You will be drawn and quartered."

Devastated by firing the Bad Egg, Will does not feel that anybody is very supportive of him. He admits that he hasn't hated anybody in a long time and directs the bulk of his ire at Jase and Scott. Of the Four Horsemen he says, "The Neanderthals are making derogatory comments. They're not intelligent people. There's not a support system." He is tearful as he discusses his shortcomings in the game and not happy with the dynamic in the house.

Jase and Holly's romance heats up as we watch them bathing together, Jase shaving Holly's legs. Their relationship threatens the Four Horsemen alliance, and in a moment of candor Scott and Michael admit that they feel Jase's head is not in the game. But they need not worry overmuch, as tension begins to mount between Jase and Holly when Jase boasts of bedding attractive older women.

Holly corners Diane in the bathroom, bending her ear about how Jase is being a jerk. Diane then replies that from Day 1, Jase said he was going to play Holly. When an unnerved Holly confronts Jase with this information, he turns it around, saying, "Well, maybe you're playing me."

The situation comes to a head as Jase, perhaps on purpose, perhaps by accident, calls Lori out in front of everybody, saying that Lori, not Diane, has been whispering in Holly's ear. Lori denies it, storming into the house to confront Holly, who replies, " I never said that to Jase." In a final slight to Jase, Holly makes him a sandwich and spells out on the plate, "Liar. You suck."

Continuing the strong metrosexual theme of Big Brother 5, Michael consents to have his legs shaved in a racing stripe pattern by Scott and to a makeover in general. Everybody in the House picks up on the strange vibe between Scott and Michael. Karen puts it best: "Scott and Michael are like Skipper and Gilligan."

Adria continues to pull the wool over everybody's eyes, but how much longer can that last? Will Jase and Holly make up or break up? Who will win the Power of Veto, and will they save Lori, or will it be Holly? Find out this satday on the hottest show of the summer: BIG BROTHER 5!

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Re: CBS recap for 7/17 show
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Thanks for the summary