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Author Topic: ★★ TAR Leg Design Challenge -- Gallery! ★★ (A WINNER IS CROWNED!)  (Read 19031 times)

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Over at Reality Fan Forum's Fantasy Games section, there is a game that aims to produce feasible, entertaining, and quality Amazing Race legs. It is called "TAR Design Challenge"

For its second season's grand finale, we have decided to put up the finalists' TAR Leg Designs inside here at the guest-viewer friendly TAR Discussion Board. This is their avenue to impress a larger audience -- and by extension, may attract the lurking World Race Production team.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the cascade of outstanding TAR designs!

Link to Season 2: http://forum.realityfanforum.com/index.php/topic,26652.0.html
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After FIVE rounds, THREE remain.

Mug Costanza

They were the cream of the crop. They produced the best among the entire batch of 12 players. They are our three finalists.

One of them will win this competition. And standing in front of them is one last challenge:

For the ultimate challenge, our three finalists must:

1) Design a Finale Leg; and
2) Create and assemble an entire Race Course

And YOU, dear audience, have been given a power to determine the winner of this competition. Follow the instructions found in the poll above.

And with that, LET THE GAMES BEGIN!

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Phil: Previously on The Amazing Race, eleven teams set off on a race around the world! Along the way, they swam through shipwrecks in Trinidad & Tobago, experienced extreme cold in Antarctica, devoured dolmades in Greece, played the music of Armenia and tamed their beast in Russia.......

Tonight, one of these three teams will win the one million dollars and The Amazing Race.

Phil: This is Port Moresby, capital of Papua New Guinea. Bordering the Indonesian provinces of Papua and West Papua, Papua New Guinea is located in Oceania, in the southwest of the Pacific Ocean. This city is still home to ancient customs and traditions, even as it moves into the twenty-first century. And in this city is the National Capital Botanical Gardens. These gardens - 25 hectares in size - are home to the best orchids of the country. They also house wildlife, including cassowaries, tree kangaroos and a python six metres in length and also housed the eleventh Pit Stop in a race around the world.

Kisha & Jen won the last leg and will depart first.

Route Info: Fly to your Final Destination City - Boise, Idaho! Once you land, make your way to Camelsback Park to find your next clue. You have $150 for this leg of the race.

Phil: All teams are now flying to their Final Destination City - Boise, Idaho - via Hong Kong, China and San Francisco, California. When they land, they have to make their way to Camelsback Park to find their next clue.

At Camelsback Park...

Detour: Sticks or Stones.

Phil: A Detour is a choice between two tasks. In this Detour, teams will have to choose between Idaho's technological innovation and it's mining tradition. Their choice: Sticks or Stones.

Phil: In 'Sticks', teams must make their way to the headquarters of Micron Technology, a company founded and based in Boise, and ranked in 2011 as the ninth highest seller of semiconductors. Once there, teams will receive a laptop, and must search through over a hundred memory sticks to find the one containing a video file revealing the next clue. While this task could require extreme amounts of luck, the task is also straightforward, and teams with nimble fingers could skip ahead.

Phil: Idaho is often called the 'Gem State', since nearly every type of gemstone has been found here. In 'Stones', teams have to make their way a slightly shorter distance to the Egyptian Theatre in Boise. Once there, teams will be given ten different varieties of precious stones that have been discovered in Idaho, including the rare star garnet, which has only been discovered in the Himalayas and Idaho. Then, teams have to take to the streets, asking the help of the locals to match their ten precious stones with a list of eleven names. Teams are not allowed to access the Internet or ask a local to access the Internet throughout the duration of this task. Once teams identify all ten precious stones, they will receive their next clue. While the task appears more complicated, there is no element of luck involved, and teams with the right combination of perseverence and charisma can jump ahead.

After completing the Detour...

Route Info: Make your way to Julia Davis Park and find Friendship Bridge. Once there, reflect on your journey with your teammate and write a short letter about the eternal friendship and companionship that you have developed. Then, cast your message into the Boise River for good luck, to receive your next clue.

Phil: Teams must now make their way to Julia Davis Park.

Phil: Once there, teams must find Friendship Bridge, spanning the length of Boise River.

Phil: Once there, teams must write a short letter about their relationship with their partner and cast it into the river for good luck, in order to receive their next clue.

Route Info: Make your way to Wilderness Ranch to find your next clue.

Roadblock: Who's not having separation anxiety?

A Roadblock is a task that only one team member may perform. In this Roadblock, one team member must relive the tasks they've performed throughout the race course and enter a sheep enclosure and separate the twenty sheep into two groups - Roadblocks and Detours. Each sheep is wearing a bandana around its neck depicting a task performed either as part of a Roadblock or a Detour. Once all the sheep are in the correct enclosures, teams will receive their next clue. But if even one sheep is in the wrong enclosure, teams will have to try again.

Route Info: Make your way to the nearby town of Mountain Home, Idaho and find the Mountain Home Air Force Base to find your next clue.

Route Info: Get ready to defy gravity!

Phil: Teams must now perform one of the most daredevil acts in the history of The Amazing Race. Teams have to don safety gear, board a fighter plane and be flown in the air. Then, while flying at low altitude, both team members must complete the terrifying act of wing walking. Each team member must climb out of the cockpit and walk and retrieve a race flag hanging on each wing of the aircraft. Once both team members are safely back in the cockpit, the plane will land and teams will be handed their next clue. For safety reasons, a trained professional will accompany each racer throughout the entirety of the task. (And racers will of course be wearing all the appropriate safety equipment.)

Once safely on the ground...

Roadblock: Who thought they'd be getting away with their bad memory? Note: The person who performed the first Roadblock can not perform this Roadblock.

Phil: In a surprise second Memory Roadblock, the team member who did not complete the sheep sorting Roadblock must now get their soldiers in order. Teams will be working with thirty Air Force soldiers, each wearing a badge depicting a sight seen on the race course on their uniform. The performing team member must arrange the thirty soldiers in the order that they saw these sights throughout the race course. Once all thirty soldiers are in the correct order, teams will receive the final clue of the race.

The correct answer of this task is:

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1. Maverick Shipwreck (Trinidad & Tobago)
2. Fort King George (Trinidad & Tobago)
3. Pigeon Point (Trinidad & Tobago)
4. Camping Suizo (Argentina)
5. La Fontaine de L'Observatoire (Argentina)
6. Adelaide Island (Antarctica)
7. Nouvelle Mosquée de Vendredi (Comoros)
8. Hotel le Moroni (Comoros)
9. Mount Karthala (Comoros)
10. Fortaleza de São Miguel (Angola)
11. Quiçama National Park (Angola)
12. Palácio de Ferro (Angola)
13. Tower of the Winds (Greece)
14. Parthenon (Greece)
15. Temple of Alphaea (Greece)
16. Armenian Independence Balcony (Armenia)
17. Etchmiadzin Cathedral (Armenia)
18. Khor Virap Monastery (Armenia)
19. Dzidzernagapert Armenian Genocide Memorial (Armenia)
20. Sevanavank (Armenia)
21. The Cascade (Armenia)
22. Krasnaya Polyana (Russia)
23. Orekhovsky Waterfall (Russia)
24. Morskoy Vokzal (Russia)
25. Vahdat Palace (Tajikistan)
26. Stella Independence Monument (Tajikistan)
27. Rouna Falls (Papua New Guinea)
28. Idler's Beach (Papua New Guinea)
29. National Capital Botanical Gardens (Papua New Guinea)
30. Camelsback Park (United States)

Once teams conquer the second Memory Roadblock, they will receive the final clue of the race, in the form of another badge...

Phil: Teams must now figure out that their badge is leading them to the Bruneau Dunes State Park in nearby Bruneau, Idaho. The first team to arrive here and cross the Finish Line will win $1,000,000 and The Amazing Race!

And here is my 200-word essay!

(Exactly 200 words!!! :lol3: :lol3: :lol3: )

Hello everybody! Firstly, with my route, I wanted to visit all seven continents, and in the process of doing so, I visited seven new countries. I hope you enjoyed it, and I'd just like to point out my unconventional starting line task, which I thought would add some strategy and drama at the Starting Line.

Moving to my final leg, I wanted to hit an unvisited state, so I chose Idaho, because I thought I could incorporate its history and culture into an interesting Detour. The letter-writing was created to add some emotion into the finale. Since this is a 90-minute episode, there is enough time for two Roadblocks and a Detour.

I thought it would be an interesting twist to incorporate two Memory Roadblocks, to test out the memory of both racers separately, as it's definitely never been done before! I hope its entertaining! The sheep should be a nice combination of memory and physical work. I also incorporated a 'daredevil' type of challenge to add suspense.

Teams are only given $150 as they are expected to have saved some money as well. I thought the sand dunes would be a unique backdrop for the Finish Line!

Thank you!

Click to show leg!

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Pit Start Location : Heritage Park Historical Village
Pit Start Money : $200
Date : 1 July, 2012


Situated in an area of foothills and prairie, at the eastern ranges of the Canadian Rockies..


This largest living history museum which features a village that was recreated to appear as it might have in late 19th and early 20th century of Alberta, Canada..

The Heritage Park in Calgary, was the tenth Pit Stop in a race around the world.

Dave and Rachel, who won the last leg of the race, will depart at 4.30AM


“Make your way to Canada Olympic Park! You have USD 200 for this last leg of the race.”

Teams must now make their way to Canada Olympic Park, the former Winter Olympics venue.


In winter, this park is one of the best-known legacies of the XV Olympic Winter Games which were held in Calgary in 1988. It was the main venue for hosting bobsleigh, ski-jumping, and other fast and rapid winter sports. For this last Detour, team will test their bravery while doing one of the choice : Sled It or Zip It

In Sled It, both team members must proceed to the Summer Bobsleigh Ride and sled down the Olympic track, twisting and turning around 14 turns, traveling at speeds up to 100km/h while reaching 4 G Forces. When they reach the bottom of the course, the instructor will hand them their next clue.

In Zip It, teams must head to the top of Canada Olympic Park’s ski jump tower. There they must zip down on North America’s fastest zipline! Teams will fly down the unique cable system in a comfortable harness, reaching speeds between 120 and 140 km/h. As Calgary’s highest vantage point, the ski jump tower provides a zipline that is 500 metres long with a vertical drop of more than 100 metres. When teams arrived at the end of the line, the zip instructor will hand them their next clue.


“Fly to your last destination city, Chicago, United States!! Once there, make your way to Harpo Studios, where your surprise awaits..!!”

Teams must now fly over 1400miles to their last destination city, Chicago, Illinios. Teams will be bunched in one flight, leaving Calgary at 8.00AM and schedule to arrive in Chicago at 12.25PM.

Once they land, they must make their way to the Harpo Studios where the famous Oprah Winfrey Show took place.

Honouring her last appearance in the entertainment industry, teams will have a chance to meet Oprah Winfrey one more time and have a quick little chat before they received their next clue, which will be handed by Oprah herself. What teams don’t know is that because of the shows famous giveaways which Oprah gave to her guests, each team member will also get a new iPad 4G, a Sony Bravia 52-inch 3D television complete with its blu-ray player and surround sound system and a $10,000 VISA Gift Card.


“ Make your way to the place that big enough to house a thousand more plants..”

Teams must figure out that the place they’re going to visit is Garfield Park Conservatory, one of the largest and most impressive conservatories in the United States which also referred to as "landscape art under glass", where a number of permanent plant exhibits incorporating specimens from around the world (including some ferns that are over 300 years old) and thousands of plants are grown here.

There, they must proceed to the Palm House Tropical display house where they will see their next clue on the side of the pond.


This is the last roadblock of the race, only team member that has not exceed the limit of doing 7 roadblocks in the entire racecourse may complete this one.

In this roadblock, team member must use the provided small rubber boat and a paddle to grab a Chihuly Ball (an artistic glass ball created by Dale Chihuly). Once they grab a ball, they must return to the garden shore and crack open the ball. If the ball contains a correct clue, then teams may continue their race. But if it’s not, then the roadblocker must go back and grabs another ball.


“Make your way to Jay Robert’s Antique Warehouse, hurry the treasure awaits you! ”

Teams must now make their way to Jay Robert’s Antique Warehouse, the largest antique shop in Chicago. Here teams will go inside this three storeys building as they complete their last task which incorporate their memory along the race.

Teams will go treasure hunting as they line up ten different items which correspond and featured in the previous legs.

Each team must find one item from each leg that has a relevant meaning, shape, color or even function that they encounter during the previous ten legs.

There are three different items hidden in the racks for each leg, it doesn’t matter of which three that a team can claim. The items are :

("Click Image to Enlarge")

From Leg One :

From Leg Two :

From Leg Three :

From Leg Four :

From Leg Five :

From Leg Six :

From Leg Seven :

From Leg Eight :

From Leg Nine :

From Leg Ten :

This could be the most difficult and the most frustrated task ever designed in TAR History, teams not only have to figure out what they’re looking, but also finding them hidden among thousands of antiques and souvenirs rack can possibly bring tears and shuffle the current position.

This is the example of the completed board :


“Finally!! Find your war to the Finish Line..!! Hurry the First team to cross it wins $1,000,000..!! GO..GO..GO..!!”

Teams must now make their way to the finish line: Adler Planetarium and Astronomical Museum.

Built in 1930 and is the oldest Planetarium in the Western Hemisphere..

Overlooking Chichago City and was declared as National Historic Landmark..

Adler Planetarium is the Finish Line of this season Amazing Race..

The first team to cross the finish line, will win $1,000,000..


 :hello2:  Hi Judges and Audience!!

So, here's the end of my journey in this competition..

I've come through this far and successfully created legs that most of the judges like and love. The previous 5 rounds I always placed on the top 3.

Will this be my first ever win in RFF Fantasy Games? Well, it's all on your hands  ;)

You can see my complete racecourse by clicking the link I provide above.

Basically my design fulfill every aspect and every elements that the race must have.

You can see 4 kind of seasons/weather in the whole racecourse..

Also the racecourse is mainly visiting the rare place, historical landmarks, ancient legends, and adventurously heart-pumping.

I decided to take Chicago as the Final City, considering the following points :
- the distance between pit start (Calgary) is close..
- It is the big major city in United States, and I want to see how far I can go with managing such a crowded place without having being spotted (it's nearly impossible at the first time I think I'd come with Chicago) but well, I've done it.
- If you think it's feasible enough for the production, well, they've got one CBS station here in Chicago
- Also the Oprah Winfrey Talk Show will really shake the teams, as they never expect to see or even become a guest in her former show. When this come to the screen, it will beat the Japanese Game Show, guaranteed  ;)

Before, I also think that I want to bring the teams further out to the unkown suburban area or forest or lake, but consider the time given after the plane landed, it was not a lot of time we could make up to get a daylight HD shoot.

I think the rest you can see and judge according to your taste, any critics, input and encouragement are more than welcome  :hrt:

I hope you enjoy my whole design in this season..

See you at the LIVE Announcement Show..  :<3

Warm Regards,

Click to show leg!

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Cocoa, judges, and audience viewers: Let me first start by saying that it’s been an honor to play in this game and a privilege to have made it to the Final Round. I’ve worked very long and arduously over the past 12 days, and I hope you find both the final leg and the entire racecourse to be thorough and well thought-out. I wanted to set the finale leg in St. Louis because it is a city that has been long overlooked by the producers. There’s so much this city has to offer and I tried to show all of its diversity with my tasks. With two Roadblocks, an Active Route Info in Delmar Loop, a few hard-to-find destinations, and an absolutely wicked memory challenge, I believe I have put together a tough, challenging, and brain-busting finale, certain to fit nicely as a 90-minute episode. More importantly, I believe this leg will also be difficult for RFF to spoil because all of the tasks take place either in remote areas, securely-guarded areas, or completely indoors. All in all, I truly believe this will be a very memorable finale for the viewers because it is thoroughly enjoyable. Thanks for your consideration!

Phil: This... is Guangzhou.

And in this modern metropolis in the south of China lies the ancient Nengren Temple.

It is here where we begin the final leg in a race around the world!

_____ & _____, who were the first team to arrive, will depart first.

ROUTE INFO: Fly to your Final Destination City: St. Louis, Missouri. When you arrive, understand the naked truth that your next clue will be difficult to find. You have $172 for this leg of the race.

Phil: Teams are now flying to their final location: St. Louis, Missouri!

When they arrive, they'll need to figure out that their clue is directing them to a statue called "The Naked Truth" at Compton Hill Reservoir Park.

It is here that teams will find their next clue.

ROUTE INFO: Solve this riddle to find your next destination:
I opened my doors in 1852.
Other locations in St. Louis share part of my name.
Part of my name sounds like two Presidents.

Phil: Teams must now realize that this riddle is leading them to the Anheuser-Busch Brewery.

It is here that teams will find their next clue.

ROADBLOCK: Who's not horsing around?

Phil: The Anheuser-Busch Brewery is an iconic location in St. Louis, but its official mascots are nationally known: the Budweiser Clydesdales. In this Roadblock, teams will have to help care for these prestigious horses.

First, one member of each team will have to clean out one of the horses' stalls.

Once they've completed that, they'll work with a trainer to completely brush the horse's mane and then load it into their harness on the Budweiser cart.

When teams have finished these tasks, the trainer will give them their next clue.

ROUTE INFO: Make your way to a "fruity" restaurant on the Delmar Loop.

Phil: Teams must now travel to the trendy Delmar Loop area to the Blueberry Hill Restaurant, where they will find their next clue.

ROUTE INFO: It's time to toss the dough...

Phil: Teams must now cook a local culinary delight: the St. Louis-style Pizza.

Once teams have correctly made one pizza from scratch (which, unlike other types of pizza, does not contain yeast) and cut it into the traditional squares, rather than wedges, they can serve it to a waiting table of customers, who will give them their next clue.

ROUTE INFO: Make your way to Upper Limits.

Phil: Teams must now head to Upper Limits, which they will discover is a rock-climbing gym.

ROADBLOCK: The person who sat out the first Roadblock must perform this one.

Phil: St. Louis is home to a trendy young population who partake in indoor rock-climbing. In this Roadblock, one team member will have to get involved in this physical activity.

They must climb to a spot 30 feet about the ground to retrieve a locked box.

Phil: After closer inspection, teams will find that the padlock on their box is engraved with the words "Jefferson Barracks". Teams must now figure out that this is their next destination.

When they arrive, an Army officer to lead them to a jail cell, where they will find the key to their box and their next clue.

ROUTE INFO: It's time to make some final connections...

Phil: Teams must now look back at their experiences on the race and make some difficult connections. When teams arrive, they will be locked in their jail cell until they can earn their way out. Using their key, teams will open their box to find a board and some puzzle pieces. Now it's time to fill in the blanks.

The numbers correspond to the previous 11 legs of the race, and the categories refer to different things teams have encountered on multiple legs. Teams must place the categories in the top row and leftmost column and then fill in the other nine squares with leg numbers so that each row and column features three legs with a common link. Three answers have been given for reference, and three answer tiles are decoys to throw teams off the trail. Once teams have figured out the correct arrangement of answer tiles, the guard will release them and give them their next clue.

(For those of you playing along at home, here's the answer to the memory challenge. :))
Show content
Show content

ROUTE INFO: To get to the Finish Line, use the colors on your memory board as a guide, and go somewhere where you can get the Blues. THIS IS IT! GO! GO! GO!

Phil: Teams must now figure out that the memory board has the same color scheme as the professional hockey team the St. Louis Blues, and that the Finish Line is at their home arena: the Scottrade Center.

After twelve grueling legs, the first team to join me at center ice after completing all their tasks will win The Amazing Race!!!!

Click to show leg!

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Dear Audience!

To vote, just click the link below and follow instructions inside :)


You are also more than welcome to post in this thread your comments about each and every leg design. :)

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As much as possible, please post in the thread if you have voted already. This is to avoid ghosties and trolls ruining the game.


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Voted  :)

These are absolutely incredible designs!  :hearts: All of you did an awesome job  :tup:

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I love how everyone used Boston as their starting airport...except the finalist from Boston. :lol:
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"Alright... how 'bout Mug? Mug Costanza!"

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Voted  :)

These are absolutely incredible designs!  :hearts: All of you did an awesome job  :tup:

I can't see your vote :o :o

But yeah I agree that this is an excellent batch of designs! :hearts:

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These designs are the exact reason I didn't join this game... I'd have no hope in hell of winning!  :lol:

Fantastic work Racer, Zouly and Mug, all of your designs are outstanding! I can't decide on which one I want to vote for, lol!

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Voted.  :hearts:

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Great job, ya'all. Honestly, I'd already seen them by searching on Google. I was just to curious :lol:
But I can't choose :(

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  • oh you speak french? oh man that's deep

Wow, you all did a good job! Congratulations!  :colors

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Well, would you look at this, it appears the time might be right for the return of the one and only.

Kyle Sandilands!

I look forward to judging all the legs as harshly as possible.

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Voted :tup:

You guys have worked so hard, and those designs are really amazing :colors

Anyway, racer's episode title quote :hrt:

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You guys' work are just OMG-worthy, in terms of everything, but especially on the amount of effort/passion you put and the ultimate end product is just outstanding and inspiring! :hrt:  May the best player win but the other two keep their heads as high! :tup:
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racer, your final leg sheep Roadblock might be one of the best tasks I've ever seen!!


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Great job, ya'all. Honestly, I'd already seen them by searching on Google. I was just to curious :lol:

I did, too. :lol:

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Roadblock: Who thought they'd be getting away with their bad memory?

This made me laugh so much. :lol:

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Voted :)  :luvya: :colors :yess:
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To me , it was actually a easy one...  :(
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