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The Glass House Discussion Thread 6/13/12

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Im still trying to watch this show and i'm just sick over it.. I can deal with Jeffery being such a cry baby over everything and the  whole joy gene thing has me ill.

 If i had to pic 2 for a win it would be andrea and kevin.

Well im close to being right about andrea and kevin..

 jeffery just played way too emotional and always tried to use the game as a political platform and as a viewer tht 's just a major turn off

 Im am super shocked that Mike  was still in the game for as long as he was.. and  i have to say he worked hard at it..  i give him props.. cuz it takes alot to change my mind..  i dont like the game he played in the beginning but now that im only watching it from what is edited on tv he's a much more likable person.

 I still say kevin and andrea and Kevin will win..

Kevin WON!!  I finally picked a winner from the get go!

Now im glad it's over.. that was painful to watch! :lol3:


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