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What ever your feeling about The Glass House  HERE'S where to chat about it with everyone  at RFF!

Have fun   :ghug:  and lets not have to call in TexasLady for crowd control :rules:  :lol3:

The first day of live feeds was disappointing!  :groan:

The computer voice is referred to by the PLAYERS  as ORACLE.   lame if you ask me and awkward to type out

I'm calling her "The Big O" :lol3:

having the PLAYERS guess what  we voted on was supposed to give us a little, very little insight on the players.  and it worked because i barely learned anything about them! :lol:

BUT ABC did have  their first FLUB of the season!  :umn: When the feeds cut off  they actually left them on and some very fortunate people out there got to see the PLAYERS  without the cameras on that  MOST were playing up to.

I'm hoping that they will be using  some of that video that I DID SEE as part of their show on TV.

Since we are not going to post  videos here  leaked from ABC directly I can only tell you it was  great to see them and it gave me that AHHH feeling that we as Big Brother fans look forward to every year.

 Will this mean that the show will get better? I'm gonna say they are not that far away from  being pretty boring so it can only get better if they let us see on a regular basis what slipped through after the feeds were cut off! :o


OMG  I'm gonna say this and mean it! :ugot


Far from live stream more like watching a BAD  Hour of TV

I think today's Yoga stunt was soo crappy. and I think that the instructor has been on TV before. 

Best part of the whole thing was her escape out of the house by being lowered into the floor!

Not sure how much I can do this since the concept of what they said is far from what we are getting! :o

:didimiss: Last nights premier was  just OK if you ask me. They did a decent job editing and giving us "feed watchers" what  we are somewhat use to.

The house is divided into  East coast vs West coast

Alex wound up being a complete ego head  (:;) thinking  that because America voted for him to become the biggest villain ever on reality TV that it was OK for him to  bash the other players on what he viewed as their  bad qualities.  :knuckles:

Alex went around   :stirtp: and mostly picked on every girl in the house and then went to Jeffery calling him fat and blurting out about his bathroom habits.  :fart  A pretty poor way of trying to be a villain if you ask me  :crazy:

 Alex being on the west coast team  did go to Robin and tell her that his plan was to stir it up against the other team.   blahblah

Robin is and will be the voice of reason in that house from my point of view

Alex and Jacob are in limbo which means to us BB fans "on the block" but once both were lowered down through the floor trap cylinders we were told that Jacob quit and the players were not told till early this morning that SOMEONE QUIT  :tantrum guess the boy just couldn't hang!

The Big O will still keep her "O" :lol3:  the viewers decided to call her ORACLE or ORI . Too bad because she said she wanted a feminine name  and ORI is not feminine at all! :lol:

I most likely will call her O or ORI just because it's easier to type out :jam:

The format of the questions being asked  to the players bye Ori and them having to "tell us a story" is tedious to type out yet alone listen to  especially when you know they are FULL OF MALARKEY hear that Irish Mike? :ugot Yeah I'm talking to you!

It was Ashely's Birthday so they made a cake, got a  huge bucket full of beer  :keeta: and had to wear beer helmets for our entertainment  :whoop: which didn't entertain me at all! :groan:

 The viewers voted and Ashley  got a  huge cookie jar as her Bday gift  that she  shared BRIEFLY with the other players and then closed down  the handouts. Mike  :tantrum asked if he could have some after his  buzz was over from all the beer later on and I don't think she wanted to share

 Now for the  unending pageant waving  :monroe:, shout outs  :hhello: and camera monologues  blahblah THEY make me ILL!  :holdbreath: The story telling, reveal information to the viewers, to let them get to know  you,  is BORING a complete snooze fest! :wall:

We did find out they are NOT allowed to sing and I think that's a good thing for us!  :yess:

Kevin wants to be the Alpha  male :weights and I think he made that known when he stepped to Alex earlier in the week that we got to see on the show  regarding Alex's  pantie strutting  :girly dancing and then grinding :hyper: onto to Andrea a mother of 3  for 2 minutes.  :o

Jeffery has no concerns about being the  as he put it " gay fat kid"    he acts like it's nothing when being bashed  by Alex  which later on after  Joy got his taunting referred to as bullying.

The only 2 i see going or doing well and being a real threat to anyone  is Apollo and Andrea.  :future

Erica  comes off as naive but I'm not so sure if that is the case.  :angel:

Stephanie seems smart but i think she will get swallowed up with the other personalities in the house

 I do not have a great feeling on Gene aka Hollywood i think he's dead weight  :faint:

Mike yeah you know I think he wants to be the greatest liar/ story teller  out there but that belongs to Hans Christian Anderson if you ask me! :lol:

Joy Does A LOT of posing and laying around  guess she's use to that :girly

Ashley does NOTHING but shoutouts, blows kisses to the camera and says VOTE FOR ME  :monroe:

Holly is another pageant :monroe: wanna  be however I think Ori has a chip on her shoulder with Holly cuz several times Ori has cut Holly off when she talked to the camera or the to viewers :lol3:

Again I think Robin is the dark horse and not because she is older and wiser..  :wise I  just think it's the way she has already handled herself with the youngin in the the house

 Robin, Mike, Kevin and Jeffery I believe have formed an alliance which they call THE ELDERS what did they do watch the Hutterites before going into the house? and  if you don't get that comment look up the show :lol:

If i left anyone out its because they really did NOTHING to make me want to  talk about  and what ever i put up here I'm telling you is more than what  entertainment value they gave me last nite! :smartass 

Now I'll have to watch damnit and I didn't want to get invested.

Thanks for your take on it M and pushing me towards the replay button  (:;)


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