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The Glass House: Live Streams - Tuesday, 6/12

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fisrt pics of the guest in the glass house!

Ohh they get talked to by a computer!!

You have to match wits with the fan. along with me. each room will be assigned with an answer. go to the room and  write it on the tablet.  friends room, enemies room  glass room or counter. we will then seee if the nation is with you.

 Please open my draw and remover your tablets now

The question was relationships or pop culture The fans picked relationships
 Ashley says thanks fans!

 first question: whats the best way to break up with someone? in person, over the phone, via teext, email  never call again

 the group laughs..

The fans are answering as we speak.

For in person go to the friends room,

 for over the phone go to the enemies room.

 via text go to the bathroom

one glass tablet in each room
everyone but joy is in the bedroom

Friends room says their answer is in person

 enemies room is over the phone

 one of the guys says . Joy dates alot of guys! :lol:


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